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Periodical: Revue du Spiritualisme Modern

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue du Spiritualisme Moderne, La.
Sciences Psychiques, Philosophie, Progres Social.
Connais-toi toi-meme! Travaille! Aime! Espere! NaƮtre, Mourir, Renaitre encore et Progresser sans cesse: telle est la Loi
Paris, France. Language: French. Publisher: Librairie Dorbon Aine. Editor: A.M. Beaudelot.
Succeeds: Le Spiritualisme Moderne Succeeded by: Psyche
8/11-12, June 1904-1910. 16 pp., 5 francs a year. Continues volume numbering of predecessor; each month's issue bears a double number.

With the exception of the title, this journal was identical to its predecessor, on which see the note under Spiritualisme Moderne, It was spiritist to the core but unattached to any of the feuding sects, and it tended to attract contributions from the more "scientific" side of modern spiritualism It carried numerous reports of spiritualist activity around the world, especially of the more phenomenal, "American" sort (like Cristie Miller, "the infant prodigy of Sioux-City,") and had valuable obituaries as the notable spiritualists and psychical researchers of the preceding generations died. Contributions by H. de Faremont, J. Hervey, Charles Richter, Leon Denis, "Papus" (Gerard Encausse), J.-C. Chaigneau, Georges Allie, Mme R. Noeggerath, "Paul Sedir" (Ivan le Loup), M. de Komar, Sully Prudhomme, Alan Kardec (unpublished letters). In a sign of the changes roiling spiritualism at the time, the journal carried occasional advertisements for the likes of Leroy Berrier's Magnetisme Personnel. BNF.

Issues:Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V10 N1-2 Jan 1906
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V10 N9-10 May 1906
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V10 N15-18 Aug-sep-1906
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N3-4 Feb 1907
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N5-6 Mar 1907
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N7-8 Apr 1907
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N15-18 Aug Sep 1907
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N19-20 Oct 1907
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N21-22 Nov 1907
Revue Du Spiritualisme Moderne V11 N23-24 Dec 1907

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