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Periodical: Revue du Psychisme Experimental

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue du Psychisme Experimental.
Hypnotisme. Suggestion. Psychologie. Mediumnisme. Mensuelle illustree / Magnetisme, Hypnotisme, Suggestion, Psychologie, Mediumnisme.
Paris, France.
Language: French.
Editor: Gaston Durville and Henri Durville.
Publisher: H. Durville.
Succeeds: Journal du Magnetisme (1845-1861)-->Journal du Magnetisme (1879-1934 under various names: Journal du Magnetisme et de la Psychologie; Journal du Magnetisme, du Massage et de la Psychologie; Journal du Magnetisme et du Psychisme Experimental); Almanach Spirite et Magnetique Illustre pour [1893] (1890-1893)
Succeeded by: Psychic Magazine (1914-1928, absorbed 1928); La Vie Sage (1923-1930); Eudia (1928-1940); Les Forces Spirituelles; Le Naturisme (1930); Physiopolis: Bulletin interieur officiel de la Societe naturiste et du Syndicat des coproprietaires de Physiopolis (1947-1949)
1/1, October 1910-September 1911.
48 pp., 10 francs in France. Crabtree 1650.

Although the journal was devoted to "Magnetisme," the editors gave over the November 1910 issue to the exposure of "Sarak" and his Oriental Esoteric Centers, and when he sued them they continued their exposes. (See the notes under L’etoile d’Orient and The Esoterist). The journal attempted to publish an expose of a prominent fraudulent medium or mage in every issue, and these articles and several from Journal du Magnetisme were gathered together in Henri, and Andre Durville, eds. Les Trucs de la Prestidigitation de evoile es. Henri Durville (1887-1963) and Gaston Durville (1885-1871) were part of a long line of Mesmerists. Their father, Hector, revived the Journal du Magnetisme founded by Baron du Potet, founded an ecole Pratique de Massage et du Magnetisme (of which a branch in Lyon was directed by Maître Philippe, the healer who enthralled so many occultists of the Belle Epoque, and founded the Ordre Eudaique which devoted its interests to elevating its members through magnetism and hypnotism, and a school of magnetism to teach the same. Gaston in the 1930s went on to found a naturist city called Heliopolis, and was the inventor of a "suggestometer" to measure scientifically the effect of mental suggestion on physical strength. The journal was absorbed by the Journal du Magnetisme in 1911. On the Durvilles and their journals, see the note under Eudia. Crabtree 1650. BNF microfilm; Bibliotheek van de Universiteit van Amsterdam; Harvard University; Cambridge University.

Issues:Revue du Psychisme Experimental V1 Oct-Nov 1910 Partial

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