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Periodical: Revue du Monde Invisible

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue du Monde Invisible.
1898--1908 Monthly
Paris, France. Language: French. Editor: Msgr. Elie Meric and "un comite de Pretres et de Laiques"; Dr. Surbled.
1/1, June 1898-1908.

Meric (1838-1905) was a Catholic priest and lecturer at the Sorbonne who early on became fascinated by the power of hypnotism. He moved from there into a lifelong study of the marvelous and the occult, focusing on "les forces naturelles inconnues," all the while remaining faithful to the Church. He was president of the Societe des Recherches Psychiques and on his resignation founded the Academie des Sciences Psychiques. The journal published theological inquiries into the dangers of Satanic deception in occultism and into the nature of angels and their role in spiritualism, and also discussions of general occult and spiritualist topics such as graphology, the Keeley Motor, haunted houses, Mollie Fancher, the astral plane, multiple personalities, the Yellow Peril, etc. Contributions by A. de Rochas, E. Bozzano, Princess Karadja, Paul Gibier, and others. Harvard University; Cornell University; Saint Louis University, St. Louis; Universite Laval; Seminary of Saint-Hyacinthe in Quebec, Canada.

Issues:Revue Du Monde Invisible V1 1898-1899
Revue Du Monde Invisible V2 1899-1900
Revue Du Monde Invisible V3 1900-1901
Revue Du Monde Invisible V4 1901-1902
Revue Du Monde Invisible V5 1902-1903
Revue Du Monde Invisible V6 1903-1904
Revue Du Monde Invisible V7 1904-1905
Revue Du Monde Invisible V8 1905-1906
Revue Du Monde Invisible V9 1906-1907
Revue Du Monde Invisible V10 1907-1908

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