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Periodical: Review des Hautes Etudes

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue des Hautes-Etudes.
Ancien Anti-materialiste. Organe Mensuel de la Synthèse Scientifique, Sociale et Religieuse.
1886-1887 Monthly Editor: Rene Caillie.
Succeeds: Anti-Materialiste, L' Succeeded by: Lotus, Le
1/1, September 1886-2/6, February 1887. 10 francs a year; 32 pp. This was the short-lived successor of L'Anti-Materialiste in its guise as a Theosophical journal. Louis Dramard paid Caillie to effect the change, but Caillie, while a Theosophist himself and willing to include orthodox Theosophical material (by A.P. Sinnett and others), had already moved away from Madame Blavatsky's Indian theosophy and towards the idea of "Western initiation" and Christian esotericism then being espoused by F.-Ch. Barlet,
Stanislas de Guaita, Paul Roca, and other collaborators of the journal. In early 1887, Dramard withdrew his support and the magazine collapsed. Dramard then devoted his efforts to the new Le Lotus and the Isis branch of the Theosophical Society. He died in March 1888. Caillie went on to co-found the Fraternite de l'etoile with its own journal, L'etoile, that attracted that section of French occultism (Stanislas de Guaita, V.-Em. Michelet, Jules Doinel, Abbe Paul Roca, et al.) which favored a "Western" approach to occultism and attributed a special (though scarcely orthodox) role to Christianity, and also edited L'Âme along the same lines. On all of this, see the notes under L'Anti-Materialiste, Le Lotus and L'Initiation. Not unrelated to this opposition to the "Eastern" or "neo-Buddhist" tendencies of the Theosophical Society is the fact that Dramard (along with F. Ch. Barlet) translated the secret teaching manuscripts of the H.B. of L. into French, and along with Caillie, Papus and others were (or were about to become) members of the H.B. of L. See the notes under The Occult Magazine and L'Initiation. BNF.

Issues:Revue Des Hautes Etudes V1 N1 Sep 21 1886
Revue Des Hautes Etudes V1 N2 Oct 21 1886
Revue Des Hautes Etudes V1 N3 Nov 21 1886
Revue Des Hautes Etudes V1 N4 Dec 21 1886
Revue Des Hautes Etudes V2 N5 Jan 21 1887
Revue Des Hautes Etudes V2 N6 Feb 21 1887

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