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Periodical: Revue Belge du Espiritismo

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue Belge du Spiritisme, Le.
1878--1881? Monthly
Liege, Belgium.
Language: French.
Editor: Oscar Henrion, Charles Marcq.
Succeeds: Le Chercheur (Liege) and Le Galileen (Ostende) merged to form this
Succeeded by: Revue Belge des Sciences Psychologiques (?)
1/1, 1878-1881.
32 pp., 6 francs in Belgium and 7 beyond.

To be entitled to the journal's premium offer of a free copy of Mme. Krell's Rayonnements de la Vie Spirituelle, the subscriber had to add one franc to that price. When Dr. Clovis Alexandre Dupuis, the young military physician who founded Le Galileen of Ostende died at 30 years old, Galileen was merged with Henrion's and Marcq's Le Chercheur of Liege to form this journal. See the note by G.L. Ditson in Banner of Light, March 30, 1878. Henrion was an indefatigable worker for spiritualism and magnetism and went on to be involved in Revue Belge des Sciences Psychologiques and Le Phare, and to head the Federation Spirite Belge. This journal proclaimed that "it is open to the free discussion of spiritualism, magnetism and philosophy in general and of all related sciences," which brought it into conflict with its more rigidly spiritualist contemporary Moniteur Spirite. The journal carried short articles on world funeral customs, various heresies in Christianity, magnetism, corporal mortifications, etc., and excerpts from Camille Flammarion, P.G. Leymarie, Baron Dupotet, et al., as well as the typical Kardecist expositions on charity, virtues, love, etc. It also printed an unpublished novel by Leon Denis.

Issues:Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N1 Jan 1878
Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N2 Feb 1878
Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N3 Mar 1878
Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N4 Apr 1878
Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N6 Jun 1878
Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N7 Jul 1878
Revue Belge Du Spiritisme V1 N8 Augn 1878

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