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Periodical: Revue Belge des Sciences Psychologiques

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue Belge des Sciences Psychologiques.
1879--1880 Monthly
Liege (?), Belgium.
Language: French.
Publisher: K.A.
Succeeded by: Le Phare, 1882 (?)
1/1, January 1879.
32 pp.

This is an unusual, short-lived journal which listed neither place of publication nor editor. From the regular mention in the journal of Union Spiritualiste, it is possible that this journal was the organ of the local society of that name organized by Oscar Henrion, a mesmerist and spiritualism who had organized the Revue Belge du Spiritisme, of which all the editors were members of Henrion's local group in Liege that he had in 1878 renamed "Union Spiritualiste." The journal, which was decidedly Christian in orientation, carried regular communications from Belgian mediums such as Mlle. L.M., Mme Krell and Ernesting Lebreton, and provided the ceremonial and prayers for a spirit baptism. It provided articles by Eugenie Pierre, Leon Denis, Albert Lecomte and others, and printed a letter from "Donato" (Alfred d'Hont) on his wife's leaving him without cause or excuse and his withdrawal from the Cercle Electro-Magnetique of Paris.

Issues:Revue Belge Des Sciences Psychologiques V1 N8 Jun 1879
Revue Belge Des Sciences Psychologiques V2 N7 Jul 1880
Revue Belge Des Sciences Psychologiques V2 N8 Aug 1880
Revue Belge Des Sciences Psychologiques V1 N11 Nov 1879

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