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Periodical: Revista Teosofica Argentina

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista Teosofica Argentina.
1940?--1951? and today online Quarterly
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Language: Spanish.
Editor: Jose M. Olivares.
Succeeds: Teosofia en la Plata; Kuntur Succeeded by: Teosofia
Corporate author: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Teosofica en la Argentina
1/1, 1940-1951(?) Pesos 1.00.

This was the organ of the Theosophical Society (Adyar) in Argentina. It was said to have had a circulation of 1,500 copies. The starting year for the journal (1940) is derived from the volume numbering (vol. 5) of the July-September 1944 issue, but that issue is called no. 10, which indicates that the publication was irregular. That issue is important because it celebrated the 25th anniversary (1919-1944) of the Argentine Section of the Theosophical Society and gives a lengthy exposition of the progress of Theosophy in the country and short biographies of leading Argentine and Spanish-speaking Theosophists like Alejandro Sorondo and Mario Roso de Luna. The history totally ignores the bringing of Theosophy to Argentina by Alberto de Sarak, Count de Das, who had twice been expelled from the Theosophical Society in Europe and had fled to South America one step ahead of criminal charges in Spain and Belgium His wife Antonia Martinez Royo was the first president of the Luz branch of the Theosophical Society, the first branch in the country, founded in January 1893. Several online authors have attempted to set out the Theosophical journals in Argentina chronologically, and the lists, while not totally accurate or complete, are helpful in understanding the scope and complexity of Theosophy in Argentina:

1889: Teosofo (La Plata)
1889: La Verdad (Rosario)
1895: Luz Astral
1898: Philadelphia
1905: La Verdad
1912: La Estrella De Occidente
1913: La Cruz Del Sur
1917: Ondas Buddhicas
1919: Teosofia En El Plata
1928: Elevacion! (Tucuman)
1931: Bulletin Oficial
1932: Kuntur (1932-1938)
1935?: Alborea, Revista Eclectica de Teosofia
1940?: Revista Teosofica Argentina
1958: Teosofia
1972: America Teosofica
1981: Informativo Teosofico
1990: Cambios

For about 20 years, beginning in 1947, these journals were supplemented by the Spanish translation of The Theosophist, which was distributed to all Spanish-speaking countries. Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut Preussischer Kulturbesitz Bibliothek, Berlin (1943).

Issues:Revista Teosofica Argentina V4 N10 Jul-Dec 1944

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