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Periodical: Research Gladiator

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Research Gladiator.
Defender of Truth and Liberty / Devoted to Science and Philosophy of Life. Embracing Numerology, Astrology, Graphology and Kindred Subjects.
1932 13 issues a year, at New Moon, "for the Benefit of Humanity"
Cincinnati, OH. Editor: Dr. Pierre Valjien, P. Franklyn Hoisington, associate editor.
Succeeds: Occult Research Gladiator
Corporate author: American Institute of Numerical Astrology1/1, December 1932. $1.50 a year.

Dr. Valjien introduced himself as "an Internationally Famed and Distinguished Authority of Numerical Astrology," who had acquired him eminence "through the ancient lore and wisdom known only to the red race and practiced by them throughout the ages . . . handed down to Dr. Pierre Valjien by his Mayan forefathers of Central America." He claimed Ph.D. and D.C. degrees from the University of San Juan CR. CA. As a premium for subscribing, the journal offered free a 30-day Numeroscope by Dr. Valjien that would explain your numerologically significant success and distress times. Articles by a variety of unknowns (Hoisington, W.F. Shepherd, F.R.C. (who had a full-page advertisement for AMORC, for which he was representative), David Rosenthal, Corane Ogle, Vesta Astare, Argo El Carso, Shasta Norns, et al.), and offered articles on mineral salts, glands, The journal was the organ of the American Institute of Numerical Astrology, of which he was founder, that offered Teachers’ Classes in "the Great Work of Human Liberation." The journal succeeds the short-lived Occult Research Gladiator (1912) published by "Bae La Pierree," who, it turns out is Burton V. Brookhart (1881-1942), a/k/a "Pierre Valjien," a/k/a "Bae Pierre."

Issues:Research Gladiator V1 N1 Dec 1932 (Partial)

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