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Periodical: Religion

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Monthly Magazine of Healing Faith, Uplifting Hope, and Creative Good Will.
1925?--1926? Monthly
Brookline, MA. Publisher: Eloist Ministry. Editor: Walter DeVoe.
Succeeds: Vitality-->Living Word Succeeded by: Inspiration
24 pp., $1.00 Year.

DeVoe was a leading figure in the positive thinking side of New Thought ("Thought Atmospheres," "Culture of your creative Will," etc.). In 1910 he started the Eloist Ministry, which was based on his "successive discoveries of spiritual principles which proved to him that people would progress spiritually in the degree that they learned to minister in the spirit of love to others"--using the power they already possessed, rather than praying for more. This added to this general optimistic uplift the practical means of bringing the student into contact with the "Immortals"--the angels. "When you write for the instruction of The Eloist Ministry you will receive a concentration card containing a mystical Name the use of which will cause your soul to vibrate with the mighty Ministry of the Immortals. This card will teach you how to attune your mind to the Tone of the Kingdom, the Wavelength of the Broadcasting Station of the Immortals now established on earth. Your practice of this method exclusively will enable you to rise superior to the disease-producing broadcasts of negative and depressing minds." This was especially effective for readers of the journal: "Mighty Angels of Love are blessing the readers of this Magazine hourly from their Place of Power in Brookline, Mass. Blessings of Healing Power will vibrate to your spirit whenever you read this Magazine." Sample aspirations regularly appeared in the journal:

"I Am the eternal Creator.
I comprehend all things because I create all.
I will and my positive will gives love, intelligence, life, and activity to my negative nature.
I Am the will which creates and quickens and moves all things.
The material universe is My physical body. The spiritual universe is My spiritual form," etc.

The government of Immortals DeVoe envisioned was to be mirrored on earth by a human cooperative society organized as a University of Humanity. Pending that achievement, he offered lessons and healing: For $10.00 a month, students could attend in spirit DeVoe's Concentration Classes "to receive therein the Blessings created by many students concentrating in unity," but the core of DeVoe's work was his school, in which (for fees ranging from $5.00 to $20.00, depending on the period enrolled for) students could learn that"permanent healing results from that growth of soul which comes from unitedly ministering in love to one another and to those who suffer. The method is one of spiritual growth by service to humanity." As were many other contemporaries, DeVoe was a proponent of physical immortality and contributed to the Symposium on Immortality of the Body along with Otoman Zar-Adusht Hanish, J. William Lloyd, George Chainey, Harrison D. Barrett, Helen Wilmans, W.J. Colville, Anna Rix Militz, et al., organzied by Evelyn Arthur See's Higher Thought in 1905. Noted in William C. Hartmann's Who's Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925), which calls the journal a "divine science" magazine, but the term seems to have been used generically rather than as a reference to the work of Malinda Cramer. INTA (1 issue); Skidmore Library, Lily Dale (2 issues).

Issues:Religion Feb 1926
Religion May 1926

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