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Periodical: Regnabit

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue universelle du Sacre-Coeur.
1921--1929 Monthly / bi-monthly (often 10 issues a year)
Paris and Paray-le-Monial, France, Rome, Italy, Brussels, Belgium, Madrid, Spain, Quebec, Canada, Pekin, China.
Language: French. Publisher: Rayonnement Intellectuel du Sacre-Coeur.
Editor: R.P. Felix Anizan, O.M.I. (1878-1944).
Succeeded by: Le Rayonnement Intellectuel (1929-1939)
Corporate author: Rayonnement Intellectuel du Sacre-Coeur
1/1, June 1921-8/12, 1929. 80+ pp., 40 francs a year.

The numerous places of publication listed reflect only the locations of contributors; the journal was published in Paris. This was a Catholic devotional journal devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The devotion to the Sacred Heart is usually said to have begun with the visions of Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) at Paray-le-Monial in France, but antedates that appearance, as the journal noted, by at least 600 years. The journal is included here because Rene Guenon published 19 important articles on the concordance of Christian and universal symbolism in it from August-September 1925 to May 1927, and the journal contained numerous contributions along the same lines by Guenon's friend Louis Charbonneau-Lassy, who had introduced Guenon to Anizan. The journal ceased in 1929 over disputes on theology, devotion and occultism, with Charbonneau-Lassy continuing what he considered the intellectual side of the endeavor as Le Rayonnement intellectuel while the devotional aspect was continued in Revue Universelle du Sacre-Coeur. BNF.

Issues:Regnabit V1 N1 Jun 1921
Regnabit V5 N3-4 Aug-sep 1925
Regnabit V5 N6 Nov 1925
Regnabit V5 N7 Dec 1925
Regnabit V5 N8 Jan 1926
Regnabit V5 N10 Mar 1926
Regnabit V5 N11 Apr 1926
Regnabit V5 N12 May 1926
Regnabit V6 N1 Jun 1926
Regnabit V6 N2-3 Jul-aug 1926
Regnabit V6 N4-5 Sep-oct 1926
Regnabit V6 N6 Nov 1926
Regnabit V6 N7 Dec 1926
Regnabit V6 N8 Jan 1927
Regnabit V6 N10 Mar 1927
Regnabit V7 N1-2 Jun-jul 1927
Regnabit V7 N3-4 Aug-sep 1927
Regnabit V7 N5 Oct 1927
Regnabit V7 N6 Nov 1927
Regnabit V7 N7 Dec 1927
Regnabit V8 N12 May 1929

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