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Periodical: Reformador (Rio de Janeiro)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Orgao Religioso de Espiritismo Cristao.
Deus, Cristo e Caridade
1882 Semimonthly, monthly, then semimonthly
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Language: Portuguese. Editor: Agusto Elias da Silva; Louis Barreto. Corporate author: Orgao Religioso de Espiritismo Cristao, Federacao Espirita Brasileira
1/1, January 21, 1883-current 4-20pp.

The dominant journal in Brazil. Originally published from da Silva's house with a circulation of about 300. See "Revista 'Reformador' un Prodigioso Manantial de Paz y Amor," The Carrier Dove for May 1887 notes that the journal was four years old and was the organ of the Brazilian Spiritual Federation. The journal is listed as adhering to the 1892 Spanish-American spiritualist congress convened by Fraternidad Universal in Madrid to honor the discovery of America. In mid-1907 the journal featured a long attack on Alberto de Sarak, Count of Das. 2003 was the journal's 121st year. LOC microfilm.

Issues:Reformador V1 1883
Reformador V2 1884
Reformador V3 1885
Reformador V4 1886
Reformador V5 1887
Reformador V6 1888
Reformador V7 1889
Reformador V8 1890
Reformador V9 1891
Reformador V10 1892
Reformador V11 1893
Reformador V12 1894
Reformador V13 1895
Reformador V14 1896
Reformador V15 1897
Reformador V16 1898
Reformador V17 1899
Reformador V18 1900
Reformador V19 1901 Partial
Reformador V20 1902 Partial

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