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Periodical: Reality [Pelley]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Reality Magazine.
The Monthly Magazine of Practical Esoterics.
Consciousness has Many Octaves and All Together Produce Reality
Other titles: Reality
1937--1939 Monthly
Ashville, NC. Publisher: Pelley Publishers. Editor: William Dudley Pelley (1890-1965). Succeeded by: The Galilean
1/1, October 1937-1939. $3.00 a year, 32 pp.

This, despite its recurring anti-semite rants, was one of Pelley's less political later journals, devoted principally to illustrations (ghost stories, guardian spirits, etc.) of his principle that "We are spirits clad in veils." The journal and Pelley's philosophy "began in 1929 when an article by William Dudley Pelley, then residing in Altadena, California, appeared in The American Magazine entitled 'My Seven Minutes in Eternity.' Mr. Pelley had undergone an extraordinary spiritual experience, finding that it was possible to vacate his body in the night without death resulting. Immediately he became aware that he had acquired abnormal psychical gifts, among them the little- understood talent of Clairaudience." The experience led Pelley to see Emerson as a precursor to his ideas. Although the journal touted itself as devoted to "practical esoterics," there is little indication in it of what the practice might have been. It was written entirely by Pelley. NYPL; University of North Carolina, Ashville; University of Michigan; University of Washington.

Issues:Reality V1 N4 Jan 1938
Reality V1 N4 Jan 1938 Alt
Reality V1 N9 Jun 1938
Reality V1 N10 Jul 1938
Reality V1 N11 Aug 1938
Reality V1 N12 Sep 1938
Reality V2 N2 Nov 1938
Reality V2 N3 Dec 1938
Reality V2 N5 Feb 1939
Reality V2 N6 Mar 1939
Reality V2 N7 Apr 1939
Reality V2 N8 May 1939
Reality V2 N9 Jun 1939

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