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Periodical: Le Rayonnement Intellectuel

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Rayonnement Intellectuel, Le.
1929--1939 Bimonthly
Loudun (Vienne); Orly, France. Language: French. Publisher: Societe du rayonnement intellectuel du Sacre Coeur. Editor: L. Charbonneau-Lassy, director; R.P. Felix Anizan, O.M.I.; Abbe Coumes (from 1936).
Succeeds: Regnabit (June 1921-1929); La Revue Universelle du Sacre-Coeur

1/1, 1929-1939. 36 pp., numbered consecutively. 30 francs a year for active members. Although the journal first appeared in 1929, it numbered its volumes from the founding of the Societe du Rayonnement Intellectuel du Sacre-Coeur by Anizan, Charbonneau-Lassy, Rene Guenon and others in January 1925. Its history is intertwined with the Catholic occultism of the period, exemplified in its predecessor journal, Regnabit, and with the movement to defend and propagate a specific Christian traditionalism within the universal tradition. The Sacred Heart of Jesus as a devotional center of Catholic piety came to prominence in the visions of the mystic Margaret Mary Alacoque in the seventeenth century and saw a revival in the late nineteenth century at Paray-le-Monial. In 1921, Father Felix Anizan, a member of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, began publishing Regnabit to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart but the journal, despite its strong ecclesiastical ties, soon attracted contributions from leading traditional occultists, notably Guenon and Charbonneau-Lassy, who sought to elucidate the role of the Sacred Heart within the universal tradition in articles like Guenon's exploration of the Sacred Heart and the Grail. This excited the animosity both of the Catholic Church and of Catholic occultists like the editors of Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes, and in 1927 Anizan, under pressure from his superiors, ended Guenon's collaboration with Regnabit. In 1929, Regnabit ceased over internal conflicts between devotion and an intellectual approach to the Sacred Heart. Initially, the devotional aspect of the work was transferred to La Revue Universelle du Sacre-Coeur. When Regnabit itself ceased publication Charbonneau-Lassy began this journal to continue the intellectual work of the Sacred Heart but did so in a more aggressive manner. "The conquest of human thought, whether for or against Jesus Christ, is of essential importance. To conquer in Christ human thought the manifestation of the Sacred Heart has a very important intellectual value which it must employ. The essential evil is that thought is being de-Christianized. What we want is to conquer human thought in Christ by presenting to intelligences the entire supernatural order and the entire human order in the light of evangelical love." Charbonneau-Lassy's numerous contributions to the journal formed the basis of his Bestiare du Christ (1940). No holdings of the journal are known to exist outside private hands.

Issues:Rayonnement Intellectuel V14 N1-3 Jan-mar 1938
Rayonnement Intellectuel V14 N4-6 Apr-jun 1938

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