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Periodical: Psychic Science Monthly

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Psychic Science Monthly.
Devoted to collecting and publishing Scientific Evidence of the Continuity of Life after the change called Death
1919 Monthly
Detroit, MI. Publisher: Psychic Science Publishing Company. Editor: Charles E. Watkins, James H. Sutton.
1/1, June 1919. 8 pp., 50 cents a year.

Though tricked out in the garb of a standard spiritualist journal, this, as its discoverer, Brandon Hodges, notes was simply Dr. Watkins' effort to achieve bulk second-class postage rates for what was in reality an advertisement for his wonderful version of the planchette, "Watkins' Original Psycho Writer, called by many the Despair of Science" ($2.00 postpaid). Watkins appeared in the spiritualist press as a slate reader in the 1870s and 1880s and seems to have learned the wonders of mail-order marketing in his old age. He also touted a "Wishing Table" and a Psycho Club, whose Grand Master was the obviously related A.M. Watkins.

Issues:Psychic Science Monthly V1 N1 Jun 1919

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