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Periodical: The Problem of Life

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Problem of Life, The.
Devoted to Spiritual Science and Philosophy and all Subjects Pertaining to the Welfare and Progress of Humanity / A Magazine Devoted to Spiritual Science and Philosophy as related to Universal Human Progress.
Man, Know Thyself
Other titles: The Problem of Life and International Magazine of Truth (October 1890 on)
1890—1894? Monthly
San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL. Publisher: Unity Publishing Co.; Frank F. Lovell; H.E. Saunders (Chicago). Editor: W.J Colville; Alzire A. Chevailler.
Succeeds: International Magazine of Truth
Corporate author: The Metaphysical College, San Francisco
1/1, January 1890-1894(?) 40 pp., 7 x 10. $2.00 a year ("free to those unable to purchase it"). Notable because of the involvement of W.J. Colville as he changed from a spiritualist medium to a new thought occultist. When he began the journal he had just ceased being the business manager of George Chainey and Anna Kimball’s the Gnostic in San Francisco. Noted as a "new" journal in Theosophical Review/Lucifer, April 15, 1890, which says that it "contains papers of interest, especially the editorials and articles on Nationalism. But its notices of ‘Metaphysical’ and ‘Christian Science’ healing, and advertisements about the ‘Summerland’ make it somewhat a mixture." The Christian Metaphysician, September-October 1891, says that: "Its Teachings are Practical and Christly Humanitarian." Mentioned in Catherine Tumber, American feminism and the birth of New Age spirituality : searching for the higher self, 1875-1915 (Lanham , MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002), 71, as the work of Chevallier and the old universal reformer Abby Martin Diaz. In October 1890, the journal succeeded A.A. Chevaillier’s International Magazine of Truth, which itself was the successor of Mary Plunkett’s International Magazine of Christian Science. Chevallier was instrumental in the downfall of Thomas Lake Harris' west coast operation. The journal in its earliest days noted that it had a "bona fide circulation" of 2,000. NSAC, Lily Dale (1891-1894); Sonoma State University (September and October 1891).

Issues:Problem Of Life V1 N1 1890 Jan
Problem Of Life V1 N2 1890 Feb
Problem Of Life V1 N3 1890 Mar
Problem Of Life V1 N4 1890 Apr
Problem Of Life V1 N5 1890 May
Problem Of Life V1 N6 1890 Jun
Problem Of Life V3 N6 Jun 1891
Problem Of Life V4 N1 Jan 1892
Problem Of Life V4 N2 Feb 1892
Problem Of Life V4 N3 Mar 1892
Problem Of Life V4 N4 Apr 1892
Problem Of Life V4 N6 Jun 1892
Problem Of Life V4 N8-9 Aug-sep 1892
Problem Of Life V5 N1 Jan 1893

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