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Periodical: Practical Ideals

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Practical Ideals.
A Magazine Devoted to Right Thinking and Right Living.
1900--1912 Monthly, bimonthly
Boston, MA. Publisher: Starr Publishing Company. Editor: Dr. J.W. Winkley; H.W. Dresser.
Corporate author: Official Organ of the Woman’s International League of Right Thinking and Right Living (from 1909)
1/1, December 1900-22, January 1912. $1.00 a year, 48 pp.

The prospectus announced that the journal "will be made a magazine of high character as an exponent in a broad way of the great spiritual or so-called metaphysical movement of our time. In accord therewith, as the name denotes, its aim is to keep before its readers those lofty and pure ideals which mankind need, and withal truly desire, to realize in life and practice. To this end the management will seek contributors to its pages who can set forth most ably and clearly a true philosophy of life and health." Julius Dresser, The True History of Mental Science (New York, Alliance Publishing Co., c. 1900), says that this journal represented the views of the Boston Metaphysical Club of the time which advocated a more scientific (and anti-subjectivist) view of New Thought--and one without what it perceived as the rank magical commercialization of its New Thought contemporaries. Contributions by Helen Wilmans, Henry Wood, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Winkley, Charles Malloy, Horatio W. Dresser, Warren A. Rodman, Emerson, Lillian Whiting, Charles Brodie Patterson, and a selection of Boston Revs. The journal notably published in December 1905 and January 1906 a detailed sketch of the life of W.F. Evans. Harvard University. INTA; NYPL; LO

Issues:Practical Ideals V1 N1 Dec 1900
Practical Ideals V1 N1 Jan 1901
Practical Ideals V1 N3 Mar 1901
Practical Ideals V6 N1 Jul-Aug 1903
Practical Ideals V6 N2 Sep-Oct 1903
Practical Ideals V6 N3 Nov-Dec 1903
Practical Ideals V9 N4 Apr 1905

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