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Periodical: Power

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

In True Thinking and Living / Advanced Thought / A Journal of Divine Science / The Higher Thought Magazine of Practical Christianity / A Monthly Journal of Practical Christianity and Advanced Spiritual Thought of Revealed Truth.
1907-1925? Monthly
Denver, CO. Publisher: Power Publishing Co. . Editor: Charles Edgar Prather, B.O., Ph.D.
Succeeds: Divine Science Quarterly Corporate author: Power School of Truth

1/1, July 1907-1925(?) $1.00 a year, 32 pp. This was a proponent of Nona L. Brooks' Divine Science and of the Power Society of Silent Unity Helpers, and featured the movement's "Daily Studies in Divine Science." Noted in The Mountain Pine and in The Swastika, 1908, and in Hartmann's Who's Who, 1925. Julius Dresser, The True History of Mental Science (New York, Alliance Publishing Co., c. 1899) notes that the journal contained "a Higher Thought directory of Truth Centres and Divine Science Centres." Prather's Power School of Truth (1916) was an offshoot of the Fillmores' Unity School of Christianity and the organ of the Divine Science Church. Charles Braden notes that this journal functioned from about 1912 to 1915 as the continuance of Brooks' Fulfillment and Divine Science Quarterly. Denver Public Library.

Issues:Power V3 N11 May 1910
Power V4 N1 Jul 1910
Power V4 N2 Aug 1910
Power V4 N8 Feb 1911
Power V5 N1 Jul 1911
Power V5 N2 Aug 1911
Power V5 N4 Oct 1911
Power V5 N7 Jan 1912
Power V5 N8 Feb 1912
Power V5 N9 Mar 1912
Power V5 N10 Apr 1912
Power V6 N1 Jul 1912
Power V6 N2 Aug 1912
Power V6 N4 Oct 1912
Power V6 N6 Dec 1912
Power V6 N7 Jan 1913
Power V6 N8 Feb 1913
Power V6 N9 Mar 1913
Power V6 N11 Jul 1912
Power V6 N11 May 1913
Power V6 N12 Jun 1913
Power V7 N1 Jul 1913
Power V7 N2 Aug 1913
Power V7 N3 Sep 1913
Power V7 N4 Oct 1913
Power V7 N5 Nov 1913
Power V7 N6 Dec 1913
Power V7 N7 Jan 1914
Power V7 N8 Feb 1914
Power V7 N10 Apr 1914
Power V7 N11 May 1914
Power V7 N12 Jun 1914
Power V8 N1 Jul 1914
Power V8 N12 Jun 1915
Power V9 N1 Jul 1915
Power V9 N12 Jun 1919
Power V10 N11 Jul 1916
Power V10 N12 Jun 1917
Power V11 N12 Jun 1918
Power V11 N1 Jul 1917
Power V11 N2 Aug 1917
Power V11 N4 Oct 1917
Power V11 N5 Nov 1917
Power V11 N6 Dec 1917
Power V11 N7 Jan 1918
Power V12 N5 Jul 1919
Power V12 N6 Aug 1919
Power V12 N7 Sep 1919
Power V12 N8 Oct 1919
Power V12 N9 Nov 1919
Power V12 N10 Dec 1919
Power V12 N11 Jan 1920
Power V12 N12 Feb 1920
Power V18 N8 Oct 1925

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