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Periodical: The Popular Phrenologist

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Popular Phrenologist, The.
A Journal of Mental Science and a Record of Human Nature.
Know Thyself
1896--1904 Monthly
Brighton, then London, England. Publisher: S.C. Slade; L.N. Fowler & Co.. Editor: Cranion (J. Millott Severn); J.P. Blackford;
1/1, January 1896-December 1904. 16 pp., 1s. 6d. a year.

While the title appears today to be an oxymoron, the journal endured for 9 years with a mixture of delineations of the skulls of the famous (including Annie Besant), histories and biographies of the those prominent in the movement, and above all attempts to establish phrenology as a science. The journal provided a regular Directory of Phrenologists practicing in Britain and carried advertisements for the Fowler Phrenological Institute in London which offered classes to those interested and sold its courses by correspondence as well (2p. 2s.). Advertised in Suggestion, September 1903. Yale University; BL; Harvard University; University of Minnesota; UCLA Library, etc.

Issues:Popular Phrenologist V1-V3 1896-1898
Popular Phrenologist V4-V6 1899-1901
Popular Phrenologist V7-V9 1902-1904

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