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Periodical: The Pneumatologist

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Pneumatologist, The.
A Work Devoted to the Proof and Illustration of Man's Spiritual Existence after Death, by an Appeal to Scripture and Facts.
Other titles: The Spiritualist
Philadelphia, PA. Editor: Rev. Josiah Litch (1809-1886), editor and publisher.
1/1, April 1850- May 1851? $1.00 a year.

"It will be the aim of this publication, to establish, by all legitimate means, the doctrine of man’s spiritual existence after death till the resurrection, when soul, spirit, and body will be re-united, to receive their final retribution." Apparently the journal was designed to refute the growth of the conditional immortality doctrine in the "Millerite or Second Adventist" movement to which Rev. Litch adhered. Its cover proclaimed that it was "devoted to the proof and illustration of man’s spiritual existence after death, by an appeal to Scripture and facts." Noted in "The Pneumatologist," Spiritual Philosopher 1/3 (September 7, 1850): 43. First issue at Rhees, University of Rochester.

IssuesPneumatologist, Volume 1: 1850-51 (and a high-res version)

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