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Periodical: Plus Ultra

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista de Estudios Psicologicos.
Other titles: Plus-Ultra
1925–1927 Monthly
Madrid, Spain. Language: Spanish. Editor: Abdeon Sanchez Herrero.
Corporate author: Organo del Centro Platon
1/1, October 1925-September 1927. 16 pp., 5 pesetas a year.

This was the organ of the Center "Plato" in Madrid, led by Abdeon Sanchez Herrero. It was designed as a "propaganda sheet" to clear "the way forward and indicate to neophytes in spiritist beliefs the delights that the believing soul would find" in the movement. The Center offered (for 3.5 pesetas a month) seances, lectures, a library, teaching courses, etc. The journal was largely written by Sanchez Herrero, with contributions by Antonio Palmero Fernandez, Juan Tebar, and others of the period, and regularly contained a correspondence section and bibliography. In its last known issue (September 1927) the journal noted its permanent deficit and lamented the fact that it had been able to garner only 165 subscribers in a country with "millions of spiritualists." BNE.

Issues:Plus Ultra V1 N1 Oct 1925
Plus Ultra V1 N2 Nov 1925
Plus Ultra V1 N3 Dec 1925
Plus Ultra V1 N5 Feb 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N6 Mar 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N7 Apr 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N8 May 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N9 Jun 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N10 Jul 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N11 Aug 1926
Plus Ultra V1 N12 Sep 1926
Plus Ultra V2 N13 Oct 1926
Plus Ultra V2 N14 Nov 1926
Plus Ultra V2 N15 Dec 1926
Plus Ultra V2 N16 Jan 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N17 Feb 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N18 Mar 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N19 Apr 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N20 May 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N21 Jun 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N22 Jul 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N23 Aug 1927
Plus Ultra V2 N24 Sep 1927

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