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Periodical: Hacker's Pleasure Boat

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Hacker's Pleasure Boat.
Bound to no party, to no sect confined, the World our Church, our Brethren all mankind
Other titles: Pleasure Boat
1867—1868 Monthly, quarterly (?)
Berlin, NJ. Editor: Jeremiah Hacker.
Succeeds: The Pleasure Boat (1845-1847)—>The Portland Pleasure Boat (1814-1864)—>Chariot of Wisdom and Love (1864-1866)
17/1, July 1867-1868(?). 8 pp., $2.50 a year.

The journal continued the volume number of Pleasure Boat/Portland Pleasure Boat. This was the last attempt by Hacker (1801-1895) to publish a journal to proclaim his ideas. He was a poet, freethinker, universal reformer, sometime spiritualist, and Quaker,who, after the demise of Chariot of Wisdom and Love, removed from Maine to Vineland, the huge colony of “friends of progress” and spiritualists founded in southern New Jersey during the Civil War. As with its immediate predecessor, the journal carried a strong defense of spiritualism against charges of demonism and free love (exemplified by Thomas Lake Harris), but was mainly devoted to Hacker’s reform peeves and rants. In March 1868, Hacker announced that he would begin to publish the journal on a quarterly basis until his subscriptions increased. Hamilton College; Rutgers University; American Antiquarian Society.

Issues:The Pleasure Boat V1 N1 April 1 1845
Hacker's Pleasure Boat V17 N2 Aug 1867
Hacker's Pleasure Boat V17 N3 Sep 1867
Hacker's Pleasure Boat V17 N7 Mar 1868

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