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Periodical: Petit Echo de l'Inconnue

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Petit Echo de l'Inconnu.
Organe de vulgarisation. Mentalisme, occultisme, magnetisme.
Des voix mysterieuses nous conseillent (Lucie Des Landes)
1905–1909? Quarterly
Nantes, then Paris, France. Language: French. Editor: Albert d'Angers; Jean Barot.
1/1, 1905-1909(?). 8 pp., 0 fr. 70 in stamps a year, then 1 franc a year in stamps.

The journal boasted that it "gave instruction on all questions relating to magnetism and to the occult and divinatory sciences," and offered to be the clearing house for anyone seeking to contact healers, mediums and occultists. It prominently touted the services and devices of its contributors, like Albert D'Angers ("diagnostic somnambulique"), his Institut Magnetique de Nantes and his novel The Niece with $35 Million Dollars; the wonderful "La Vitale" stomach belt; the services of Mme Lucie des Landes on somnambulism, cartomancy, graphology, astrology, etc.; the marvelous elixirs and tisanes of the hermit Father Roustan in the seventeenth century (1 franc to 1 franc 50), etc. Contributions by Combes Leon, Victories Sardou (and an article on Sardou's impoverished old age in Paris), Jacques Iraud, Jean Bardot, Victor D'Angers, and others, with a large amount of filler and "curious" stories from the newspapers on telepathy, marriage laws in Kansas, etc., and short excerpts on "monthly flowers" and on "Plants and Curiosities." BNF.

Issues:Petit Echo De Linconnu V3 N12 4th Qtr 1907
Petit Echo De Linconnu V4 N13 1st Qtr 1908
Petit Echo De Linconnu V4 N14 2d Qtr 1908
Petit Echo De Linconnu V4 N15 3d Qtr 1908
Petit Echo De Linconnu V4 N16 4th Qtr 1908
Petit Echo De Linconnu V5 N17 1st Qtr 1909
Petit Echo De Linconnu V5 N18 2d Qtr 1909

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