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Periodical: La Pensee Libre

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Pensee Libre, La.
Organe de Recherches Psychiques, Bulletin de la Societe Parisienne des etudes Spirites.
1885--1886 Monthly
Paris, France. Language: French. Publisher: Societe parisienne des etudes spirites; Emile di Rienzi. Editor: emile di Rienzi. Succeeded by: La Pensee Nouvelle-->La Revue Immortaliste Corporate author: Societe parisienne des etudes spirites
1/1, November 1885-2/10, October 1886. Subscription included in the dues of the Societe parisienne des etudes spirites, 3 fr. 50 a year for non-members. 4-8 pp.

La Pensee Libre was absorbed into La Pensee Nouvelle (also edited by di Rienzi), and that in turn was partially absorbed by La Revue Immortaliste, of which di Rienzi was a co-editor with J. Camille Chaigneau. That journal absorbed La Vie Posthume, and in turn became La Humanite Integrale, which Chaigneau edited alone. Emile di Rienzi (1861- ), under his middle name Mikelis, was the author of a number of literary vignettes and popular books and seems to have been yet another of the French utopian socialists trying to create a church-less religion. "Without leaving the domain of positive, experimental science, spiritualism can furnish the material and palpable proof of the existence of the soul and its immortality." The journal and its patron society addressed themselves primarily to non-spiritualists as a means of spreading knowledge of the spiritualism to the general public, and announced its willingness to stand always with the facts and repudiate whatever contradicted them: "let us always be ready to hold out the hand to whoever brings us new light and if anyone shows us the inanity of phenomena on which we base our convictions we will not hesitate to repudiate those beliefs." The journal consisted of a chronicle of events deemed important to spiritualists, especially in Paris and its environs, a collection of brief excerpts on the wonders of spiritualism by savants, politicians, literary figures, and by prestidigitators, and short, unfocused articles by di Rienzi, Charles du Prel, and others, on Dr. Slade, D.D. Hume, sorcery, magnetism, scientific curiosities, and the like. BNF.

Issues:Pensee Libre V1 N1 Nov 1885
Pensee Libre V1 N2 Dec 1885
Pensee Libre V2 N1 Jan 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N2 Feb 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N3 Mar 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N4 Apr 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N5 May 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N6 Jun 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N7 Jul 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N8 Aug 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N9 Sep 1886
Pensee Libre V2 N10 Oct 1886 Covers

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