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Periodical: Paragon Monthly

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Paragon Monthly, The.
A Magazine of Wonderfully Strange and Interesting Stories / Dreams and Their Meanings, Occult Powers, Astrology, Hypnotism, Telepathy, Personal Magnetism, Clairvoyance, Hidden Powers, Etc.
A Journal of Choice Literature for the Family
1898--1908 Monthly
New York, NY.
1/1, 1898. 32 pp.

A penny-a-word advertising vehicle that in its early years carried the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories but in its latter days focused more on the mystical. Stories by J.C. Northrop, J.P. Robinson, William S. Birge, M.D., Marian Brewer, Marion Y. Bunner, and regular contributions by Helen Van-Anderson. The journal touted in full-page advertisements its "Paragon Prosperity Circle" "Come join The Prosperity Circle, and Have Health, Wealth and Prosperity--Special opportunity given you NOW." The Circle had three degrees (appropriate for Health, Wealth and Prosperity") and by Order of Mystic No. 9, the members were to meet every evening at 7:00 local time to "join with the Mystics in a Silent Unity Communion . . . and come into direct communion with the great Unseen Forces working with and through the Prosperity Circle." "We expect to initiate ten thousand new members before November 1st and in order to make it just as easy as possible, we are going to let you have full Life Membership for one-half of the regular fee, which means, two five-year subscriptions to The Paragon Monthly at 50 cents each . . . . The only requirement is that you send in Now." Mystic No. 9's identity is not revealed but the title almost certainly masks Helen Van-Anderson, who had played the same role in the New York Magazine of Mysteries. This was no wonder because the publisher of this journal, Charles E. Ellis, also published the New York Magazine of Mysteries. The journal was said to have had a circulation of 400,000 in 1902. Villanova University; University of Virginia.

Issues:Paragon Monthly V9 N4 Apr 1906
Paragon Monthly V10 N10 Oct 1907
Paragon Monthly V11 N1 Jan 1908

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