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Periodical: Paix Universelle

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Paix Universelle, La.
Revue Independante de Magnetisme, Spiritisme, Psychisme, Hermetisme / Magnetisme Transcendental. Philosophie Physiologie Psychologie.
Science, Amour, Sagesse, Travail, Devoir, Justice / Verite, Raison, Justice, Lumière, Sagesse, Amour
1891-1910 Semi-monthly
Lyon, France. Language: French. Editor: B. Nicolai; A. Bouvier.
Succeeds: Union Occulte Francaise, L Succeeded by: Revue independante de magnetisme, spiritisme, psychisme, hermetisme. Organe de la Federation lyonnaise et regionale des spiritualistes modernes
Corporate author: Organ de La Federation Spirite Lyonnaise
2/14, June 1891-1910. 8 pp., 3-5.25 francs.

The numbering continued that of L'Union Occulte Francaise, but this journal, as the editor announced in its first issue, radically changed its direction away from "occultism" and toward the more traditional interest in spiritualism/spiritism. The change did not last. L'Initiation for May 1892 notes an article in the journal by L.-E. Fabre des Essarts on Auguste Comte, and L'Isis Moderne for 1897 notes the collaboration of Ernest Bosc. The journal ran regular contributions by Flammarion, Leon Denis, A. Jhouney (Jounet), Marc Haven, Albert de Rochas, Charles Fauvety, Eliphas Levy, Le Clement de Saint-Marcq et al., and many occult authors more prominent in Lyon than nationally. Papus, in his "Presses neo-spiritualistes," 1896, says that it is an "eclectic" journal of occultism, spiritism and magnetism. BNF; BM Lyon; Munchen UB; LOC.

Issues:Paix Universelle V2 1891
Paix Universelle V3 1892
Paix Universelle V4 1893
Paix Universelle V5 1894
Paix Universelle V6 1896 Partial
Paix Universelle V7 1897 Partial
Paix Universelle V8 1898 Partial
Paix Universelle V9 1899 Partial
Paix Universelle V10 1900
Paix Universelle V11 1901 Partial
Paix Universelle V12 1902
Paix Universelle V13 1903
Paix Universelle V14 1904
Paix Universelle V15 1905
Paix Universelle V16 1906
Paix Universelle V17 1907
Paix Universelle V18 1908

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