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Periodical: Out of the Silence (Voisin)

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:
Out of the Silence.
A Magazine Devoted to the Uplifting of Mankind.
St. Lawrence, Jersey, England.
Succeeds: Occult Literary News and Review-->Anubis
2/1-6, June-December 1903.
Continues volume numbering of Anubis.
6/-, $1.60 a year, 32 pp. with an appended advertising supplement.

The journal continued E.W. Berridge’s "The Coming Avatar" and William Heald's novel Through Life's Chromospheres. This is the continuance of Voisin's Anubis and her Occult Literary News and Review and differs from her earlier efforts mainly in the prominence given to the work of the astrologer Hamilton Minchin ("Kymry") who is notable for his work with W.B. Yeats. On her, see the note under Anubis. Contributions by Holden Edward Sampson ("Light," 1859-1926), “Omnia Vincit Amor," Edmund William Berridge (1843-1923), et al.

The journal also continued the debate begun in the earlier journals on the necessity of a new occult society. This was the the project of "Dr. Tindall, A.T.C.L.," Tindall was a long-time and gradually disillusioned spiritualist who styled himself the "President Founder of the Christian Occult Society" and head of the Order of the White Rose (perhaps an English branch of J.C.F. Grumbine's society of that name) and created his own brand of Christian occultism beginning in the late 1880s, turning towards eastern holy men, ancient wisdom traditions, the "White Magic of Love," and the wonders of man's spiritual nature and innate spiritual powers.

"The lower forms of Spiritualism are fast passing away. . . . The spiritual phenomena were never sent to make a fresh small sect with a cast-iron creed, but rather to infuse new life and spirituality into the old faiths . . . . But though orthodox Spiritualism and Theosophy are decaying, the New Psychism is spreading amongst all classes. Palmistry, Astrology and magic are being revived. The Higher Powers teach man in symbols. . . . I shall endeavour to do this in the Christian Occult Society, and also to deal with the allegories of Paganism, and, as far as permitted, with the inner meanings of the writings of the Mystics, Rosicrucian, Oriental, and Neo-Platonic and even the secrets of White and Black Magic. There needs to be much broadening of thought amongst Spiritualists. In Occultism alone will be found the key to the problems of Spiritualism. Deeper studies, more practical work, and less theorizing will be found to be the way to real enlightenment." Spiritual Christianity Revealed by Occultism (London: Christian Occult Society, n.d., c. 1908), 33.

This general statement was augmented by Tindall with hints of the essential role of sex in occultism:

"Now, what is Occultism? It contains the esoteric truths at the base of all religions, it is the Path leading to the Masters of Wisdom, it is the knowledge of Magic, White and Black, and of the spiritual powers within, which raise man to the god-like plane. . . . What, then, are some of these powers? By invoking the aid of spirits, or by the creation of elemental phantoms out of thought substance, clothed in psychic essence, the Occultist can achieve much; as also by the aid of talismans containing magical names (one of which I have been given by my guide, and found efficacious). These latter are useful in summoning spirits, for the lower must be commanded, though the higher can only be attracted by Love. By the White Magic of Love, and by certain invocations, the Doubles of the Living can be made to appear and do our bidding. It is also possible to travel long distances in spirit and be with those we love. Love is the key to Magic. The eastern ascetic kills out sexual love, but he who has not drained the cup to the dregs can hardly be a true magician. Love awakes the dormant powers of the soul. The purifying and ennobling of the sexual feeling, which merges it into the Divine, or turns the baser metals into gold, according to the jargon of alchemy, is the true Path of Magic. Occultism is not merely Spiritism or Theosophy, it is something higher and vaster, and its secrets cannot be revealed, except to those who are sufficiently advanced. The difference between White and Black Magic lies in the intention. The Prophets and Seers have all been adepts in the former, putting forth their powers to aid humanity; whereas the Black Art is used for evil purposes, through compacts with undeveloped spirits and elemental powers inimical to man." Ibid. 36.

Despite the attraction of Tyndall's promises, the new society appears never to have prospered. On Tindall, see

Advertised in Suggestion, August 1903, and in in P. Braun's Self-Culture, January 1904. BL.

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