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Periodical: Our Home Rights

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Our Home Rights.
Organ of the U.S. Confederation of Medical Rights Leagues.
We Advocate Reform in Social, Political and Religious Life
1901--1904 Monthly
Boston, MA.
Publisher: Our Home Rights Publishing Company.
Editor: Immanuel Pfeiffer, M.D..
Corporate author: Medical Rights League of Massachusetts
1/1, April 190-1904.
5 cents a copy, 50 cents a year.
48-68 pp.

Pfeiffer was a Danish-born socialist, exercise and health faddist, and the apostle of the idea that "mind possessed almost limitless power over the material world." (He once demonstrated his claims by fasting 31 days.) He offered mail-order lessons on "System-Energy on the Pfeiffer Principle, Based upon the laws of Psychology & Physiology." He, along with many occultists and New Thought practitioners of the time, like A.B. Kingsford and R.S. Clymer (who edited this journal's Medical Freedom Department), was decidedly opposed to vaccination, and when the Boston Board of Health mandated it universally in 1901, accompanied by arrests, protests and jailings, Pfeiffer began this journal to oppose the medical monopoly and other enemies of freedom. Besides the expected contributions on food, the single tax, women's and home health, etc., the journal featured a "Socialistic Department," an "Astrological Department" (edited by "Derollli"), and attracted to its crusade against the medical and political establishment a host of advertisements from all of the fringe medical, occult, and New Thought healers and practitioners who had for half a century fought a rearguard action against the modern world: Reviews of and advertisements for J.M. Peebles' books, institutes and journals, the Fillmores' Unity, Edgar Mason's Dominion, Peter Davidson's Morning Star, Samuel Greathead's Breath of Life (the organ of "Foison, Christopathy, Magnetic Healing, Divine Healing, Metaphysical Healing, etc."),and other New Thought journals; advertisements for Madame Flanders' Skin Tonics and Face Beautifiers, Evelyn Arthur See and Agnes Chester See's The Shrine Healing Home and School in the Law of Higher Life, Prof. R.E. Dutton of Lincoln, Nebraska, King Solomon's Mining Company (promoted by Light of Truth), Mazdaznan, cures for alcohol addiction, the Sand Cure of Prof. William Windsor, "the World's most eminent Phrenologist, discoverer of the Sand Cure," etc., etc. It also carried poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This journal and its interests mirrored B.O. Flower's Medical Freedom, published by his National League for Medical Freedom. Harvard University.

Issues:Our Home Rights V1 N6 Oct 1901
Our Home Rights V1 N7 Nov 1901
Our Home Rights V1 N9 Dec 1901
Our Home Rights V1 N10 Jan 1902
Our Home Rights V2 N1 Feb-apr 1902
Our Home Rights V2 N2 Jan 1903
Our Home Rights V3 N2 Jun-jul 1903
Our Home Rights V4 N1 Dec 1903-jan 1904
Our Home Rights V4 N2 Mar-apr 1904

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