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Periodical: The Open Road

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Open Road, The.
Official Organ of the Society of the Universal Brotherhood of Man.
1907-1930? Monthly ("as often as possible")
Pigeon-Roost-In-The-Woods, IN. Editor: Bruce T. Calvert, editor and publisher.
Corporate author: Rational School of Right Living / Society of the Universal Brotherhood of Man
1/1, July 1907-1930(?) 50 cents-$1.00 a year ($10 for life membership in Calvert’s Rational School of Right Living and 99-year subscription), 32-54 pp.

Calvert (d. 1940) was one of the rural (he published from Pigeon-Roost-In-The-Woods, Indiana) philosophers and prairie socialists who sprang up in the United States around 1900. He was an eccentric writer and pamphleteer, an admirer of Whitman, the Roycrofters and Elbert Hubbard, Jack London and Emma Goldman, and the journal was replete with New Thought offerings and carried extensive advertising for the works of the lesser-known New Thought mages of the period. He organized a Harmonic School of Rational Education which taught lessons on health, breathing, diet, "sex ethics" and eugenics, "Harmonica of Nature" and rational education. Noted in The Occult Digest, 1930, and in Rosicrucian Brotherhood, 1909, and given full-page notices in the Initiates, 1908. The issue for October 1911 carried an article by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Pennsylvania State University; University of Michigan (microfilm); University of Illinois; National Library of Australia.

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