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Periodical: Old Moore's Monthly Messenger

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Old Moore's Monthly Messenger.
A Forecast of the World’s Fate and Fortune.
Other titles: Old Moore’s Monthly Outlook and Forecast
1907-1914 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: W. Foulsham & Co.. Succeeded by: British Journal of Astrology (1914-1939)
1/1, October 1907-191. 40pp., twopence and issue.

The title changed to Old Moore's Monthly Outlook and Forecast in January 1908, then back to its original, and with January 1914 to the British Journal of Astrology, with which is Incorporated Old Moore's Monthly Messenger. Astrological journal with a rather unusual amount of material on spiritualism, talismans, hypnotism, New Thought, Rosicrucians, crystal gazing, phrenology, palmistry, and the occult generally. In 1908 the journal had the effrontery to print the horoscope of Annie Besant ("refined, kind, sociable and humanitarian, with plenty of balance and internal harmony"). Contributions by A.J. McIvor-Tyndall. Advertised in The Adept, April 1909. NYPL.

Issues:Old Moore's Monthly Messenger V1 1907
Old Moore's Monthly Outlook and Forecast
Old Moore's Monthly Messenger V3 1909
Old Moore's Monthly Messenger V4-5 1910-11
Old Moore's Monthly Messenger V6-73 1912-23
British Journal of Astrology V8-9 1914-16

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