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Periodical: The Occult (Detroit)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Occult, The.
A Magazine Devoted to New Thought, Psychic Research and Kindred Subjects.
Onward! to Progression’s Mountain Top
1907--1908? Monthly
Detroit, MI. Publisher: Dan M. Davidson. Editor: Mrs. Dan M. Davidson. Succeeded by: The Age of Thought
1/1, January 1907. 75 cents- $1.00 a year. 48 pp., illustrated with photographs of the authors of the articles.

Mrs. Davidson was the author of a series of lessons (advertised in the journal as "for subscribers only"--"Joy and success will surely follow all who take the lessons") on "How To Unfold Our Psychic Powers," and the like. Her "Credo" was given in From the Silence, or Pathways of Hope (1907):

"I believe In my own reality; in the immortality of the ‘I’; in the Oneness of All; the Divinity of man; the growth and development of spirit; the unfoldment of my linient powers and the progress of the human race."

"I believe love, sympathy and praise will lift man to a higher plain of consciousness. Praise is one of God's many blessings, and I believe in bestowing this blessing wherever it is merited."

With this as her foundation, she began the journal "to fill a long-felt want by supplying our readers with a purely spiritual magazine-- something uplifting, something soul-elevating, something inspiring; something to help us in our daily walks of life; something that will teach us to be more loving, more hopeful, more charitable, more thoughtful for the feelings of others. Something which will broaden the mind, and help us to open the narrow windows of the soul to the divine inflow, ever drinking in its sweet perfume. It is our earnest desire to bring to the many friends from far and near who have given words of cheer and good thoughts to our efforts, a joy forever. May it prove a blessing to all who read its pages; may it help us to help ourselves; may it develop our inner powers and direct us ever toward the great Infinite love, which is all wisdom and knowledge. Oh! may it teach us to be gentle with the dumb animals, to speak a kind word to the tramp dog or cat, to give them a bite to eat. They, too, are God’s loved ones." Etc.

The journal originally carried contributions from B.F. Austin, Lyman C. Howe, J.M. Peebles, N.H. Eddy, Will J. Erwood, et al., obtained apparently in exchange for advertising their books, on subjects like "How to Obtain Wealth,""Our Soul Powers and How to Unfold Them," etc. As the journal progressed it added authors like C.E. Patterson, William Strong, Charl. A. Pitt, May Kellogg Sullivan, O.V. LaBoyteaux, "Unist" (G. Gringhuis), "Yram Eezuil Yroma" (Mary Liuzee Amory?), and others and increasingly filled its pages with articles on "How to Educate a Dog," "Hints for the Housewife," recipes ("Corn Meal Mush"). A "Museum" column ("In this department we hope to interest the Antiquarian, Pioneer, Indian, Historical and China, relic hunters") carried Mrs. Davidson’s recollections of her wide travels, and discussions on "The Lost Art of the Stone Age" and similar topics.

Noted in H.O. Severance, A Guide to the Current Periodicals and Serials of the United States (1909). Advertised in The Stellar Ray and in The Swastika, 1907 (calling itself "The Leading New Thought Magazine"), and in The Mountain Pine, June 1907 and May 1908. LOC.

Issues:Occult V1 N1 Jan 1907
Occult V1 N2 Feb 1907
Occult V1 N3 Mar 1907
Occult V1 N4 Apr 1907
Occult V1 N5 May 1907
Occult V1 N6 Jun 1907
Occult V1 N7 Jul 1907

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