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Periodical: Now

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Journal of Affirmation / A Monthly Journal of Positive Affirmations, Devoted to Mental Science and the Art of Living / The Biggest Little Paper in the World.
The biggest little paper in the World
1900--1928 Annual, then monthly (irregular)
San Jose, CA; Glenwood, CA. Publisher: Now Folks. Editor: Captain Henry Harrison Brown, founder and editor; then Sam Exton Foulds.
1/1, March 1900-September 1928.

Suspended November 1906-December 1909, during which period Brown published in the New Thought and advertised in the same journal for "a gentleman with capital" to assist him in re-establishing this journal. $1.00 a year. 8- pp. This was the premier New Thought journal of the "Dollars Want Me" (the title of one of Brown's books) school. Devoted to Affirmations ("All is one; That One; That One is all things; I am a manifestation of the One; I possess Power to do all and enjoy all," etc.), suggestion and optimism. In its heyday before World War I, the journal printed 24 pages of instruction and uplift, supplemented by 12-24 pages of advertisements--at $2.00 a line. Advertised in The Free Man, August 1901: "Devoted to the New Thought, teaches the art of gaining health, wealth, happiness, and business success, by right thinking." Noted scathingly in Upton Sinclair's Profits of Religion (1918). Horatio Dresser in his A History of the New Thought Movement (1919), 239, says this was the "most vigorous" of the New Thought journals and describes its message as follows: "Man is spirit here and now, with all the possibilities of Divinity within him and he can consciously manifest these possibilities here and now." Brown, in his New Thought Primer(1903), 54-55, calls this "a leading New Thought journal, carefully edited, outspoken and fearless, yet ever kindly," and says that the journal contained in each issue a lesson on Soul Culture, a series of Affirmations, editorials, selections from other journals and "dialect poems" by Sam Exton Foulds. University of California, Berkeley; LOC; University of Michigan; University of Cape Town; San Francisco Public Library; Harvard University; International Institute of Social History, Netherlands; Brown University.

Now Folk, Inc.
Announcement from San Francisco, Ten Days after Memorable Earthquake and Fire.
San Francisco, CA.
1906. This began as a 9 x 11 broadside subscription announcement for Now: A Journal of Affirmation, and proclaimed itself to be the first magazine printed in San Francisco after the earthquake. The appeal apparently did not work, and Now (q.v.) remained suspended until 1909. Harvard University.

Issues:Now V1 N1 Mar 1900
Now V1 N2 Apr 1900
Now V1 N3 May 1900
Now V1 N4 Jun 1900
Now V1 N5 Jul 1900
Now V1 N7 Sep 1900
Now V1 N9 Nov 1900
Now V1 N10 Dec 1900
Now V1 N11 Jan 1901
Now V1 N12 Feb 1901
Now V2 N1 Mar 1901
Now V2 N2 Apr 1901
Now V2 N3 May 1901
Now V2 N4-5 Jul 1901
Now V2 N6 Aug 1901
Now V2 N7 Sep 1901
Now V2 N8 Oct 1901
Now V2 N9 Nov 1901
Now V2 N10 Dec 1901
Now V2 N11 Jan 1902
Now V2 N12 Feb 1902
Now V3 N1 Apr 1902
Now V3 N2 May 1902
Now V3 N3 Jun 1902
Now V3 N4 Jul 1902
Now V3 N5 Aug 1902
Now V3 N6 Sep 1902
Now V3 N7 Oct 1902
Now V3 N8 Nov 1902
Now V3 N9 Dec 1902
Now V3 N10 Jan 1903
Now V3 N11 Feb 1903
Now V3 N12 Mar 1903
Now V4 N1 Apr 1903
Now V4 N2 May 1903
Now V4 N3 Jun 1903
Now V4 N4 Jul 1903
Now V4 N5 Aug 1903
Now V4 N6 Sep 1903
Now V4 N7 Oct 1903
Now V4 N8 Nov 1903
Now V4 N9 Dec 1903
Now V4 N10 Jan 1904
Now V4 N11 Feb 1904
Now V4 N12 Mar 1904
Now V5 N1 Apr 1904
Now V5 N2 May 1904
Now V5 N3 Jun 1904
Now V5 N4 Jul 1904
Now V5 N5 Aug 1904
Now V5 N6 Sep 1904
Now V5 N7 Oct 1904
Now V5 N8 Nov 1904
Now V5 N9 Dec 1904
Now V5 N10 Jan-feb 1905
Now V6 N1 Jul 1905
Now V6 N2 Aug 1905
Now V6 N3 Sep 1905
Now V6 N4 Oct 1905
Now V6 N5 Jan 1906
Now V6 N6 Feb 1906
Now V6 N7 Mar 1906
Now V6 N8 Apr 1906
Now V6 N9 May 1906
Now V6 N10 Jun 1906
Now V6 N11 Jul 1906
Now V6 N12 Aug 1906
Now V7 N1 Jan 1910
Now V7 N1 Oct 1906
Now V7 N2 Feb 1910
Now V7 N3 Mar 1910
Now V7 N4 Apr 1910
Now V7 N5 May 1910
Now V7 N6 Jun 1910
Now V7 N7 Jul 1910
Now V7 N8 Aug 1910
Now V7 N9 Sep 1910
Now V7 N10 Oct 1910
Now V7 N11 Nov 1910
Now V7 N12 Dec 1910
Now V8 N1 Jan 1911
Now V8 N2 Feb 1911
Now V8 N3 Mar 1911
Now V8 N4 Apr 1911
Now V8 N5 May 1911
Now V8 N6 Jun 1911
Now V8 N7 Jul 1911
Now V8 N8 Aug 1911
Now V8 N9 Sep 1911
Now V8 N10 Oct 1911
Now V8 N11 Nov 1911
Now V8 N12 Dec 1911
Now V9 N1 Jan 1912
Now V9 N2 Feb 1912
Now V9 N3 Mar 1912
Now V9 N4 Apr 1912
Now V9 N5 May 1912
Now V9 N6 Jun 1912
Now V9 N7 Jul 1912
Now V9 N8 Aug 1912
Now V9 N9 Sep 1912
Now V9 N10 Oct 1912
Now V9 N11 Nov 1912
Now V9 N12 Dec 1912
Now V10 N1 Jan 1913
Now V10 N2 Feb 1913
Now V10 N3 Mar 1913
Now V10 N4 Apr 1913
Now V10 N5 May 1913
Now V10 N6 Jun 1913
Now V10 N6 Jun 1913 Partial
Now V10 N7 Jul 1913
Now V10 N8 Aug 1913
Now V10 N9 Sep 1913
Now V10 N10 Oct 1913
Now V10 N11 Nov 1913
Now V10 N12 Dec 1913
Now V11 N1 Jan 1914
Now V11 N2 Feb 1914
Now V11 N3 Mar 1914
Now V11 N4 Apr 1914
Now V11 N5 May 1914
Now V11 N6 Jun 1914
Now V11 N7 Jul 1914
Now V11 N8 Aug 1914
Now V11 N9 Sep 1914
Now V11 N10 Oct 1914
Now V11 N11 Nov 1914
Now V11 N12 Dec 1914
Now V12 N1 Jan 1915
Now V12 N2 Feb 1915
Now V12 N3 Mar 1915
Now V12 N4 Apr 1915
Now V12 N5 May 1915
Now V12 N6 Jun 1915
Now V12 N7 Jul 1915
Now V12 N8 Aug 1915
Now V12 N9 Sep 1915
Now V12 N10 Oct 1915
Now V12 N11 Nov 1915
Now V12 N12 Dec 1915
Now V13 N1 Jan 1916
Now V13 N2 Feb 1916
Now V13 N3 Mar 1916
Now V13 N4 Apr 1916
Now V13 N5 May 1916
Now V13 N6 Jun 1916
Now V13 N7 Jul 1916
Now V13 N8 Aug 1916
Now V13 N9 Sep 1916
Now V13 N10 Oct 1916
Now V13 N11 Nov 1916
Now V13 N12 Dec 1916
Now V14 N1 Jan 1917
Now V14 N2 Feb 1917
Now V14 N3 Mar 1917
Now V14 N4 Apr 1917
Now V14 N5 May 1917
Now V14 N6 Jun 1917
Now V14 N7 Jul 1917
Now V14 N8 Aug 1917
Now V14 N9 Sep 1917
Now V14 N10 Oct 1917
Now V14 N11 Nov 1917
Now V14 N12 Dec 1917
Now V15 N1 Jan 1918
Now V15 N2 Feb 1918
Now V15 N3 Mar 1918
Now V15 N4 Apr 1918 Partial
Now V15 N6 Jun 1918
Now V15 N7 Jul 1918
Now V15 N8 Aug 1918
Now V15 N9 Sep 1918
Now V15 N10 Oct 1918
Now V15 N11 Nov 1918
Now V15 N12 Dec 1918
Now V16 N1 Jan 1919
Now V16 N4 Apr 1919
Now V16 N6 Jun 1919
Now V16 N7 Jul 1919
Now V16 N9 Sep 1919
Now V16 N10 Oct 1919
Now V17 N1 Jan 1920
Now V17 N2 Feb 1920
Now V17 N3 Mar 1920
Now V17 N4 Apr 1920
Now V17 N5 May 1920
Now V17 N6 Jun 1920
Now V17 N8 Aug 1920
Now V17 N9 Sep 1920
Now V17 N10 Oct 1920
Now V17 N11 Nov 1920
Now V17 N12 Dec 1920
Now V18 N1 Jan 1921
Now V18 N2 Feb 1921
Now V18 N4 Apr 1921
Now V18 N5 May 1921
Now V18 N6 Jun 1921
Now V18 N7 Jul 1921
Now V18 N8 Aug 1921
Now V18 N9 Sep 1921
Now V18 N10 Oct 1921
Now V18 N11 Nov 1921
Now V18 N12 Dec 1921
Now V19 N3 Mar 1923
Now V19 N4 Apr 1923
Now V19 N5 May 1923
Now V19 N6 Jun 1923
Now V19 N7 Jul 1923
Now V19 N8 Aug 1923
Now V19 N9 Sep 1923
Now V19 N10 Oct 1923
Now V19 N11 Nov 1923
Now V19 N12 Dec 1923
Now V20 N1 Jan 1924
Now V20 N2 Feb 1924
Now V20 N4 Apr 1924
Now V20 N5 May 1924
Now V20 N6 Jun 1924
Now V20 N7 Jul 1924
Now V20 N8 Aug 1924
Now V20 N9 Sep 1924
Now V20 N10 Oct 1924
Now V20 N11 Nov 1924
Now V20 N12 Dec 1924
Now V21 N1 Jan 1925
Now V21 N2 Feb 1925
Now V21 N3 Mar 1925
Now V21 N4 Apr 1925
Now V21 N7 Jul 1925
Now V21 N8 Aug 1925
Now V21 N9 Sep 1925
Now V21 N10 Oct 1925
Now V21 N11 Nov 1925
Now V21 N12 Dec 1925

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