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Periodical: Nichols' Monthly

  From Pat Deveney's journal database:

Nichols' Monthly.
A Magazine of Social Science and Progressive Literature.
1855-1857 Monthly
New York, NY, then Cincinnati, OH. Publisher: H. Watkin & Valentine Nicholson. Editor: Thomas Low Nichols and Mary Sargeant Gove Nichols. Succeeds: Nichols' Journal. November 1854-1857(?)

Mary S. Gove Nichols and Thomas L. Nichols began this periodical as they were transitioning from the US east coast to their water-cure facility and educational center at Yellow Springs, Ohio. The periodical was issued irregularly for the period; if there are other issues of the periodical, we are unaware of them and would appreciate copies. Notionally, the official organ of Central Bureau of the Progressive Union, the periodical is not only a Nichols joint -- Mary S. Gove Nichols' fiction and TL Nichols' relentless historicizing are both front and center, along with MSGN's letters to her subscribers -- but also a good exemplar of the radical progressive wing of Spiritualism in the mid-1850s: Fourier-esque communalism, free love and Spiritualism, in the mix.

Nichols Monthly November 1854
Nichols Monthly June 1855
Nichols Monthly July 1855
Nichols Monthly August-September 1855
Nichols Monthly October-November 1855
Nichols Monthly 1855 Extra -- T. L. Nichols' Personal Statement
Nichols Monthly January 1856
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Nichols Monthly October 1856
Nichols Monthly November 1856
Nichols Monthly December 1856
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