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Periodical: New India

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

New India.
New Way for the Old World.
1914--1947? Weekly, daily, semi-monthly (fortnightly)
Madras, India.
Editor: Annie Besant; Nilakanta Sri Ram, Jamshed Nusserewnji, Rohit Mehta; G.R. Venkatram, managing editor.
Succeeded by: Conscience
1/1, June 1914-1947 (?).
8 pp., Rs. 5, 8 s., or $2.00 a year.

Besant (1847-1933) took over the Madras Standard to start this as the vehicle for her propaganda to free India from British rule and establish Home Rule. She bequeathed the newspaper to Sri Ram in her will. There may have been a lapse in publishing the journal from 1937-1947. BL, NYPL, Columbia University, University of Wisconsin, etc.

This selection of New India is part of a large donation to IAPOP by the Portland lodge of the Theosophical Society.

Issues:New India V1 N1 Oct 1946
New India V1 N2 Nov 1 1946
New India V1 N3 Nov 15 1946
New India V1 N10 Mar 1 1947
New India V1 N11 Mar 15 1947
New India V1 N12 Apr 1 1947
New India V1 N13 Apr 15 1947
New India V1 N14 May 1947

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