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Periodical: Neue Lotusbluten

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Neue Lotusbluten.
Eine zweimonatlich erscheinendes Journal enthaltend Originalartikel und ausgewahlte ubersetzungen aus der orientalischen Literatur in bezug auf die Religionen des Ostens, okkulte Wissenschaft, Mystik und Theosophie / Ein Aufstieg zur Gralsburg. Unabhangige Zeitschrift fur Kulturtheosophie.
1908--1915? Bimonthly
Leipzig and Berlin, Germany.
Language: German.
Editor: Franz Hartmann, and after his death Dr. Paul Harald Arjuna Gravell van Jostenoode (1856-1932) and then (1914) by Bertha Reich-Gutzeit.
Publisher: Jaeger'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung.
Succeeds: Lotusbluthen
1/1, January-February 1908-8, 1914/1915(?)

This continued Lotusbluthen in the sense that Dr. Franz Hartmann (1838-1912) was its driving force and wrote or translated most of the contents until his death. It was principally composed of translations from Indian sources, articles by Hartmann and others on general occultism, and, notably, Hartmann's "Aus meinem Leben" and "Erinnerungen an H.P. Blavatsky." Like its predecessor it was "Theosophical" in the sense of exploring a variety of occult and religious phenomena (Tibetan ritual, Pythagorean Aphorisms, the Rosicrucians, spiritualism, etc.), but not in the sense of adhering to the Theosophical Society then led by Annie Besant (Hartmann had founded his own German Theosophical Society in 1898 after breaking with the society of Katherine Tingley). On the death of Hartmann in August 1912, Dr. Paul Harald Gravell assumed the editorship, but the journal soon ceased. A table of contents for the volumes through 1913 has been prepared by Robert Hutwohl at http: ZDB: Freiburg UB; Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol; Munchen BSB; Erlangen-N UB; Berlin SBB Haus Unter d.Linden; Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Mönchengladbach StB; Halle/S UuLB; Leipzig DNB; Dresden SLUB, ZB.

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