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Periodical: Neue Gedanken

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Neue Gedanken.
Zeitschrift, der Anregung Schlummernder Geisteskrafte zur Erlangung von Gesundheit, Gluck und Reichtum gewidmet.
Berlin, Germany. Language: German. Publisher: Psychologischer Verlag. Editor: H.J. MacDonald; [Jay Van Tuyl Daniels, Sydney Blanshard Flower] .
Succeeds: Hypnotic Magazine (August 1896-December 1897)-->Journal of Medical Hypnotism (January to May 1898)-->Suggestive Therapeutics (June 1898-January 1901)-->Journal of Magnetism (January-November 1901)-->New Thought (December 1901-October 1910) Succeeded by: Goldfield Gossip (1906-1908)-->Popular Therapeutics (New Thought merged into in 1910)-->The Yogi (1910-1911?)-->New Thought (1920-1922?)-->Rejuvenation (1921?-1922?)-->Will-Power (1922?)-->The Thinker (1924?-1925?)
1/1, 1904-1907. 5 Mark an issue, 24 pp. Volume numbers change semi-annually.

This was one of the earliest New Thought journals in Germany. It drew much of its material from New Thought (Chicago) and other books and series published by Sydney B. Flower's Psychical Research Company, including articles by a who's-who of New Thought/occult authors of the period: Sydney Flower, Helen Van Anderson, William Walker Atkinson, A. Victor Segno, Elizabeth Towne, Kate A. Boehme, Fanny M. Harley, Eleanor Kirk, Paul Tyner, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Nancy McKay Gordon, Harry Gaze, Henry Harrison Brown, Hugh O. Pentecost, Helen Wilmans, Uriel Buchanan, C.W. Leadbeater, "Adiramled" (Delmar DeForest Bryan), "Mabel Sifford" (a typographical error for Mabel Gifford Shine), Evelyn Arthur "Lee" (a typological error for See), et al. -- most of whom advocated sexual energy (in whatever terms it was guised) as the driving force behind spiritual and psychic development. Psychologischer Verlag (or sometimes Psychologischer Verlag Van Tuyl Daniels) also published its FlowersKollektion of New Thought books, articles and lessons, including several by Atkinson, and sold crystal balls, the "Somnoskop" ("hypnosis by mechanical means" -- a wind-up revolving mirror), and ouija boards. Daniels had been Flower's partner in Suggestive Therapeutics and fled Chicago (some say with the firm's money) when that journal ceased after the Post Office denied it access to bulk postage rates. Flower and Daniels were said to have exchanged heated accusations of criminality and chicanery when they split up but they must have come to some accommodation to allow this journal and the other books of Psychologischer Verlag to be published. The press continued until at least 1920. Harvard University; ZDB: Erlangen-N UB; Berlin UB Humboldt; Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Berlin Charite ZHGB Gesch.Med; Hagen FernUB; Jena UuLB; Mödling Theol. Hochschule.

Issues:Neue Gedanken V1 N1 Jan 1904
Neue Gedanken V1 N2 Feb 1904
Neue Gedanken V1 N3 Mar 1904
Neue Gedanken V1 N4 Apr 1904
Neue Gedanken V1 N5 May 1904
Neue Gedanken V1 N6 Jun 1904
Neue Gedanken V2 N10 Oct 1904
Neue Gedanken V2 N11 Nov 1904
Neue Gedanken V2 N12 Dec 1904 Ads
Neue Gedanken V2 N7 Jul 1904 Toc
Neue Gedanken V2 N8 Aug 1904
Neue Gedanken V2 N9 Sep 1904
Neue Gedanken V3 N13 Jan 1905 Toc
Neue Gedanken V3 N14 Feb 1905
Neue Gedanken V3 N15 Mar 1905
Neue Gedanken V3 N16 Apr 1905
Neue Gedanken V3 N17 May 1905
Neue Gedanken V3 N18 Jun 1905
Neue Gedanken V4 N19 Jul 1905 Toc
Neue Gedanken V4 N20 Aug 1905
Neue Gedanken V4 N21 Sep 1905
Neue Gedanken V4 N22 Oct 1905
Neue Gedanken V4 N23 Nov 1905
Neue Gedanken V4 N24 Dec 1905 Ads
Neue Gedanken V5 N25 Jan 1906 Toc
Neue Gedanken V5 N26 Feb 1906
Neue Gedanken V5 N27 Mar 1906
Neue Gedanken V5 N28 Apr 1906
Neue Gedanken V5 N29 May 1906
Neue Gedanken V5 N30 Jun 1906 Ads

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