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Periodical: Neos Pithagoras

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Neos Pithagoras / New Pythagoras.
Monthly Magazine, Focusing mainly on: The philosophical and scientific proof for the existence of the immortality of the soul. -- Why Life? -- The healing [therapy] of body and soul. The delight and benefit of the spirit by several ethical and scientific articles, etc. etc. etc.
1891--1891 Monthly, irregular
Athens, Greece. Language: Greek. Publisher: Th. Lefakis. Printer: Anesti Konstantinidis.
No. 1, January 1891-No. 16, December 1891. 5.5 drachmas per issue; 72-16 pp.

This is one of the rarest Greek journals in the field of parapsychology, occultism and general esoteric research. It ran for 16 issues. Lefakis was Greek, born in Romania (or perhaps on Andros), and the author of a pioneering study of the Eleusinian Mysteries and Oracles (1896). He was a member of the the Kardecist society around P.G. Leymarie and the Revue Spirite in Paris. In 1891 that journal announced that had continued his spiritist work on his "scientific voyage" to Athens the preceding winter, where he permanently settled, and that he had lectured there widely on spiritism. This journal was founded in connection with that missionary work to make known "the opinion of all savants of the world, ancient and modern, concerning psychic phenomena. It strives thus, by arguments which can be destroyed by ignorance and bad faith, to spread every where in Greece . . . all the beautiful and consoling truths of modern spiritualism." The journal showed a considerable knowledge of the contemporary French occult revival and featured excerpts from Eliphas Levi, Oswald Wirth, Gaston Cazalis, P. Christian, J. Marcus de Veze, Jules Lermina, Charles Richet, Rene Caille, Carl du Prel, H. Durville, and others, and general articles on numerology, dream interpretation, the Great Pyramid, Greek Mysticism, and the like. The issues presented here are the only known issues of the journal and were discovered by Dr. Leandros Lefakis and saved and digitized at the care and expense of Mrs. Maria Vassilopoulou.

Issues:Neos Pithagoras N1 Jan 1891
Neos Pithagoras N2 Feb 1891
Neos Pithagoras N3 Mar 1891
Neos Pithagoras N4 Apr 1891
Neos Pithagoras N5 May 1891
Neos Pithagoras N6 Jun 1891
Neos Pithagoras N7 Jul 1891
Neos Pithagoras N9 Aug 1891
Neos Pithagoras N8 Aug 1891
Neos Pithagoras N10 Aug 1891
Neos Pithagoras N11 Sep 1891
Neos Pithagoras N12 Sep 1891
Neos Pithagoras N13 Sep 1891
Neos Pithagoras N14 Oct 1891
Neos Pithagoras N15 Nov 1891
Neos Pithagoras N16 Nov 1891

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