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Periodical: Naturisme

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Naturisme, Le.
Le grand magazine de culture humain / Le grand hebdomadaire de culture humain.
Culture Humaine, Sante et Beaute
1930—1930 Monthly, weekly
Paris, France. Language: French. Editor: Gaston and Andre Durville.
Succeeds: La Vie Sage (1923-1930) Succeeded by: Physiopolis: Bulletin interieur officiel de la Societe naturiste et du Syndicat des coproprietaires de Physiopolis (1947-1949)
1/1, 1930-1939. 12-18 pp., 1 fr. 25 an issue.

Gaston Durville (1887-1971) and Andre Durville (1896-1979) were sons of Hector Durville (1849-1923), the pre-eminent magnetizer in France, and brother of Henri Durville (1887-1963) who carried on that interest, often with one or another of his brothers. All were deeply involved with suggestion side of New Thought and the occult extensions of magnetism. While Henri in the 1920s and 1930s was attempting to start his initiatory Ordre Eudiaque and publishing Eudia and Forces Spirituelles, Andre and Gaston turned to "naturism" or "psycho-naturism," and started this journal. Naturism was the supposed therapeutic methods based on mental suggestion, hypnotism, magnetism, nudism, sports, tourism, camping, Esperanto, diet, exercise, massage, sun-bathing, vegetarianism, deep breathing, etc., etc., and founded several utopian resorts for devotees of such things: Physiopolis (on an island in the Seine near Paris) and Heliopolis (on the l'Île du Levant in the Mediterranean). The journal carried articles on the likes of "War on Cocktails," "Raw or Cooked," "The Glory of the Sun," "Deep Breathing," and featured photographs of healthy-looking young Polynesians in sarongs and frolicking young women in appropriate swim wear. On the Durvilles generally and the various journals the family had a hand in publishing, see the note under Eudia. BNF.

Issues:Naturisme V12 N340 Jan 1935
Naturisme V14 N375 Jun 1936

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