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Periodical: Namasta

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A New Thought Magazine.
The Divine within me greets the Divine within Thee
1929--1931? Monthly
Tonganoxie, KS.
Editor: Mizanna [Anna Ferguson] Wolff.
1/1, January 1929 (vol. 3, no. 26 is February 1931).
32 pp., $1.00 a year.

The journal proclaimed itself "A Golden Rule Magazine. Its mission is to promote Health, Happiness, Kindness and Consideration to all Creation, to bring into manifestation by right thinking and living,'The Kingdom of Heaven at Hand.' And recognize the good wherever we find it. For 'God' is a "god' of love and we, His children, must be children of love, therefore recognizing the good in all Creation." This is an example of the innumerable peripheral journals that have largely escaped collection and study, usually rural and short lived, known only through tiny two- or three-line advertisements placed in the back pages of more prominent journals. The journal carried rather touching correspondence from people, usually women, who sought healing, success and meaning in their lives, offering Mrs. Wolff's services as a healer and matchmaker: "If every one who desired love and marriage would have an Astrological and Numerology reading before starting any such work, it would save much work and disappointment and sometimes disaster. It would assure you of finding one who would be apt to make an ideal agreeable mate." Mizanna [Anna] Ferguson Wolff was the wife of a Kansas beekeeper and had, somehow, become convinced of the truths of New Thought. The journal carried regular monthly "Statements" ("I am free, I am fearless, I am brave, and I am sure for God's loving presence makes me whole, calm and prospered. I am divinely protected in his love. I have abundance of all things good") that probably stood in stark contrast to the reality of the lives of its readers. It also carried astrological impressions of correspondents by Almeda Ramsey, who offered free readings to new subscribers, and a selection of typical advertisements: "See without Glasses!" "Are You Sleepless?" "A Safe and Profitable Investment for Christian People Only," "Financial Healing," etc. LOC; Stanford University.

Issues:Namasta V3 N26 Feb 1931

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