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Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Parents' Theosophical Research Group Newsletter.
1935--1958? Monthly, quarterly (by seasons), bimonthly, irregular
Ojai, CA.
Publisher: The [Theosophical] Society; Mothers' Research Group of the Theosophical Society in America; Theosophical Research Group.
Editor: Muriel Lauder Lewis; Karen Schultz.
Succeeds: Bulletin of the Children's Advisory Group of the Greater American Plan (1935)-->[Mothers'] Bulletin (began April, 1936)-->Mothers' [Advisory] Bulletin (1937)-->News Bulletin (1945-1947)-->Mothers' Occult Digest (1947-1952)-->Mothers' Bulletin (1952-1957)-->Parents' Bulletin, or Parents' Theosophical Research Group Newsletter (1958-?)
1/1, 1935-1958.
Free of charge except for postage.

The Children's Advisory Group, which became under an array of different names, The Mothers' / Parents' Advisory Group, was a project of the American Theosophical Society in 1935, led initially by Mrs. Muriel Lauder Lewis of Ojai, California. Its goal was the "study of the qualities of the New Race children and their particular needs and capacities, with the view of better understanding the present-day child; of how to develop in the child that sense of cooperation and brotherhood which will help him to adjust to the changing present, and fit him for life in the new social order of the future; of parental education in the light of theosophical knowledge. In this study they are building a background of knowledge and understanding regarding the needs of the child of today, from which they may draw inspiration and direction for active participation in children's work in their local communities." The Winter 1958 issue describes its "bad habit of changing the volume number every time we indulged in another bad habit, that of changing the magazine's name!" and then gave a version of the newsletter's history: Bulletin of the Children's Advisory Group of the Greater American Plan (1935), [Mothers'] Bulletin (began April, 1936),then Mothers' [Advisory] Bulletin (1937), then News Bulletin (1945-1947), then Mothers' Occult Digest (1947-1952), then Mothers' Bulletin (1952-1957), and then Parents' Bulletin, or Parents' Theosophical Research Group Newsletter (vol. 23, no. 1, Winter, February 20, 1958). The location of the journal in Ojai, California, a desert valley about 30 miles east of Santa Barbara, ties the journal into the intricacies of Theosophical history in the early decades of the twentieth century. In 1922 Jiddhu Krisnamurti and his brother visited California and the Ojai region was recommended to them to alleviate Nitya's tuberculosis. Krishnamurti loved the area and a few years later Annie Besant consecrated it as the cradle of the New Civilization. The wealthy and devout members of the Theosophical Society flocked there, including A.P. Warrington, former president of the American society, who brought there his Krotona Institute of Theosophy. The valley soon became a Mecca for those interested in the World Teacher and for artists, nature lovers and wealthy free spirits generally, many drawn by the schools and educational ideas of Besant and Krishnamurti.

This material is part of a donation to IAPSOP made by the Portland, Oregon lodge of the Theosophical Society.

Issues:Parents' Theosophical Research Group Newsletter Feb 20 1958

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