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Periodical: Mondo Occulto

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Mondo Occulto.
Rivista Iniziatica Esoterico-Spiritica Bimestrale / Organo della Societa Psichica Internazionale / Occultismo-Religioni-Telepatia-Spiritismo-Magia-Medianita e Scienze Affini.
1921--1939? Bimonthly
Naples, Italy.
Language: Italian.
Editor: Francesco Zingaropoli, fondatore-proprietario: Giuseppe Garibaldi Rocco.
Publisher: Societa editrice partenopea di G. Rocco.
1/1, January-February 1921-1939; 1946-1947.
56 pp., L.15 in Italy, L.25 abroad per year.

This was a popular general occult journal with important contributions by the leading occultists of the period in Italy. It proclaimed that it "dealt with Alchemy and Hyperchemistry, Divinatory Arts, Astrology, Philosophy, Hypnotism, Magic, Magnetism, Freemasonry, Mediumship, Palmistry, Occultism, Religions, Psychic Research, Sects, Symbolism, Spiritism, Superstitions, Spagyrics, Telepathy, Popular Traditions, Theosophy, Zooiatry [?], etc., studying them in the light of what is true and relevant to the lesser-known laws of Nature, to the latent faculties in man and to spiritual life. . . . It summarizes the ritual and the dogma of high magic in relation to the current stage of psychic sciences and modern spiritualism and studies the problems of magical literature, spiritualism and similar sciences both from the theoretical and practical side. Given the initiatory character of the journal, it always carries out its program in a popular form, accessible to all." The list of its interests carried on its masthead (Occultismo-Religioni-Telepatia-Spiritismo-Magia-Medianita e Scienze Affini) is copied from the cover of Ultra: Rivista Teosofica di Roma and the journal originally carried the Urobosos symbol of the Theosophical Society on its cover, but it was not a Theosophical journal and it treated Theosophy only peripherally.

The founder of the journal, "Giuseppe Garibaldi Rocco" (Alnoldo de Lisle), was a publisher in Naples and something of an astrologer and chirologist. He is noted as the man who taught Oscar Wilde Italian after Wilde emerged from jail and sought refuge in Italy in 1897. He also published an interview with Wilde that predicted his early death, and translated his Salome. He was the author of Uomo-femmina: Un romanzo sul 'terzo sesso (1899). Zingaropoli (1860-1946), the editor of the journal, was a prominent psychical researcher, who published widely on his work in Luce e Umbra , Annales des sciences psychiques, and other journals, and wrote several notable books on Eusapia Palladino and other mediums and a Tratto Secreto dei Malefici d'Amore (1910)

The journal carried a long and notable article by Zingaropoli on "Incubi e Succubi" -- a commentary on the De Daemonialitate of P. Sinistrari -- and a discussion by Vincenzo Cavalli of Jonathan Koons, one of the original American physical mediums, in which Cavalli wistfully remarks that "it is curious that these phenomena which appeared for some years have completely disappeared. We can't understand why the psychic forces have disappeared without apparent reason." The journal carried contributions by Joanny Bricaud, Cavalli (1891- ), E. Bozzano, V. Cavalli, Papus, Paul Adam, Cesare Lombroso, many others. Most importantly it regularly published long articles by Giuliano Kremmerz (Ciro Formisano, 1861-1930) on "Magia divinatoria: I Tarocchi," "Medicina Dei," Freud, and other topics. On Kremmerz, see the note under Mondo Secreto. The journal also regularly noted the work of J. Evola in other journals and lavishly praised his Imperialismo Pagano, which was, it said, "opposto alla decadenza del mondo moderno europeo, alla barbarie della sua organizzazione sociale, all' illusione dei suoi orgogli, alle contaminazioni della giudaica sua religione. Opera decisa, viva, audace, priva di attenuazioni e di compromessi, essa non deludera di certo l'attesa gia destatasi per le polemiche a cui ha dato recentemente luogo l'anticipazione di alcune sue tesi su periodici fascisti." ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol. ACNP: Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna; Biblioteca della Facolta Umanistische dell'Universita degli Studi di Sassari.

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