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Periodical: Monde Invisible

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Monde Invisible, Le.
Etudes sur le spiritisme, le spiritualisme et le magnetisme. Les mysteres d'outre-tombe, les infiniment petits et les infininiment grands. Les Merveilles de la nature. Revue des groupes spirites / Revue des Groupes Spirites.
Vouloir c'est pouvoir
1867--1884? Monthly
Paris, France.
Language: French.
Publisher: Docks de la Librairie.
Editor: Maurice Lachatre. 1/1, 1867. 3 fr.

The bibliographical note in Bibliotheque National says that this journal ended in 1868, but it is mentioned in Revue Spirite, January 1885, and may have lasted until then or been revived. It was the work of otherwise unknown Groupes Spirites in Paris and consisted in a selection of articles from other English and French spiritualist journals and from newspapers. It included a fair selection of the phenomenal spiritualism that was far more common in English-speaking countries, poetry, communications from local mediums, such as Mme Lambert, articles on hashish and opium use, the wonders of Zouave Jacob, the Davenport Brothers, Baron Du Poten, Baron de Guldenstubbe, historical apparitions of spirits, "An Evening of Spiritualism with President Lincoln" in 1863 (from the Boston Gazette), etc. BNF

Issues:Monde Invisible 1866

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