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Periodical: Modern Thought

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Modern Thought.
Devoted to the Spiritualization of Humanity from an Independent Viewpoint.
1889--1890 Bimonthly, monthly
Kansas City, MO. Publisher: Modern Thought Publishing Company. Editor: Charles Fillmore, then with Myrtle Page Fillmore. Succeeded by: Christian Science Thought-->Thought-->Unity
1/1, April 1889-March 1890. 16 pp. For postal reasons, the journal's subscription was set at $1.00, but copies were mailed free to all who were interested.

The first issue proclaimed its intent to mail 10,000 copies of the second number. This was the beginning of Unity (The Unity School of Practical Christianity / Unity School of Christianity), which is still being published. It was founded by Charles Fillmore (1854-1948) and his wife, Myrtle Page Fillmore ( -1931). The Fillmores were adherents of the optimistic, energetic school of New Thought, but in their beginnings were closer to the "metaphysical healing" ideas of Christian Science although they were never students or adherents of Mary Baker Eddy. Their initiation into New Thought came through Emma Curtis Hopkins' Christian Science Theological Seminary in Chicago. Horatio Dresser, in his history of New Thought, lists the Fillmores, along with Eddy, among the "subjective idealists" who taught that the mind was the only reality. The journal in its early days, like many of its contemporaries, displayed the influence of spiritualism. Theosophy, and occultism--featuring in its first year an article by Freeman B. Dowd, and adopting for its masthead Dowd's (and P.B. Randolph's) emblem of the winged globe. The issue also carried Hiram Erastus Butler's article on "Developing Psychic Powers." It is often said that W.W. Atkinson published his first work in the journal but the claim is wrong. The Unity School of Christianity published Christian Science Thought-->Thought-->Unity; Wee Wisdom; Weekly Unity; Christian Business Man-->Business Man-->Good Business-->New; Youth-->Progress-->You-->Progress; Daily Word; and Unity School Leaflets. The Fillmores' work and journals were astonishingly influential, and many of their enterprises (publishing and book distribution, Unity Farm, Unity School, the Unity Farm, etc.) endure today. Unity Library and Archive, Unity Village, MO.

Issues:Modern Thought V1 N1 Apr 1889

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