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Periodical: Modern Philosopher

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Modern Philosopher, The.
A Monthly Magazine for Progressive People / A Monthly Published in the Interest of Socialism.
1897--1899 Irregular
Knoxville, TN. Editor: Albert Chavannes, editor and publisher.
1/1, May 1897-1899. 22 pp., 50 cents a year. This was primarily a socialist journal but it also discussed Chavannes's theories on sexual exchanges without ejaculation—"Magnetism," as he called the process—which he had first revealed in Vital Force and Magnetic Exchange (1888). Chavannes had advertised the journal under the name the Philosopher in his novel In Brighter Climes: A Realistic Novel (1895), but only announced the journal under the present name in Lucifer, April 21, 1897. On Chavannes (1836-1903) see the note under New Thought Library. University of Michigan; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Knox County Public Library; University of Texas, Austin.

Issues:Modern Philosopher V1 N6 Oct 1897

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