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Periodical: Modern Mystic

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Review, The.
A Journal Expounding the Progressive Revelation of Modern Sciences / A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Study of Mysticism & the Occult Science.
1937--1948 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: K.L. & K. Ltd. / King, Littlewood & King. Editor: Nell [Norman] Dagg; Alfred Ronald Heaver (editor, 1945-1948).
1/1, January 1937-January 1940; 1945-1948. 48 pp., 25s. a year, $6.50 in United States.

Not published during "the darkest days of the Second World War." The journal in its first phase (1937-1939) is exemplary of the occult interests of the English literary classes between the wars, with the exception of its disdain for practical magic, spiritualism, and popular occultism and astrology and its strong concentration in its early days on Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. It was revived after the War under Heaver, a Christian socialist and adherent of British Israel, and turned more generally to the occult with an admixture of literature and politics. The journal originally concentrated on what it thought were the remnants of the teachings of the great initiatory paths (druidism, Buddhism, the Arthurian stories and the Holy Grail, etc.) and displayed a marked interest in Baha'i and AMORC, as well. It featured current events in occult circles, book reviews, and articles on reincarnation, the Apocalypse, etheric earth, the "Horoscope of Annie Besant," the zodiac, Swedenborg, the sphinx, eurythmy [sic], graphology, etc. There were contributions by Paul Brunton, Bernard William Bromage, H. Spencer Lewis, Cyril Scott, Henry Miller, Israel Regardie, Wellesley Tudor Pole, Lord Dunsany, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lord Alfred Douglas, and Alan W. Watts, Willi Sucher ("John W. Seeker"), et al., and by prominent Anthroposophists, many originally German-speaking, like Norbert Glas, Alfred Heidenreich, G.S. Francis, Eugen and Mrs. L. Kolisko, and Eleanor C. Merry (1873-1956), the writer, poet and painter who explored the mysteries of the "Celtic Soul." On the journal generally, see Gotz Deimann, ed., Die anthroposophischen Zeitschriften von 1903 bis 1985 (1987). Warburg, Yorke Collection; NYPL; LOC; Stanford University; Free Library of Philadelphia; Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Copenhagen; BL; Stanford University.

Issues:Modern Mystic V1 N1 Jan 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N2 Feb 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N3 Mar 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N4 Apr-May 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N5 Jun 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N6 Jul 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N7 Aug 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N8 Sep 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N9 Oct 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N10 Nov 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N11 Dec 1937
Modern Mystic V1 N12 Jan 1938
Modern Mystic V2 N2 Mar 1938
Modern Mystic V2 N5 Jun 1938
Modern Mystic V2 N6 Jul 1938
Modern Mystic V2 N10 Nov 1938

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