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Periodical: Mind In Nature

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Mind in Nature.
A Popular Journal of Psychical, Medical and Scientific Information.
1885-1887 Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Cosmic Publishing Company. Editor: J.E. Woodhead.
1/1, March 1885-1887. 16 pp., $1.00 a year.

This was a very highbrow journal whose contributors seemed equally divided among bishops, physicians and professors-including Elliott Coues and Oliver Lodge. It proclaimed its purpose as "to furnish, in a popular manner, information regarding psychical questions, the relations of mind to the body and their reciprocal action, with special bearings on disease and health, and to give the most striking and interesting facts and discoveries of science." Telepathy was said to be a special interest. The affinity of its subject matter with Christian Science was obvious and the journal attracted advertisements by Mrs. U.N. Gestefeld ("Teacher and Practitioner of Metaphysics") and several students of Mary Baker Eddy's, as well as advertisements for S.C. Gould's Notes and Queries, the revived Journal du Magn├ętisme, and Caroline B. Winslow's Alpha. Crabtree 1117. LOC; Columbia University; NY Academy of Medicine; NY State Library; Los Angeles Public Library; University of California, Davis; Harvard University; and other locations in OCLC.

Issues:Mind In Nature V1 Index 1885-6
Mind In Nature V1 N1 Mar 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N2 Apr 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N3 May 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N4 Jun 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N5 Jul 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N6 Aug 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N7 Sep 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N8 Oct 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N9 Nov 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N10 Dec 1885
Mind In Nature V1 N11 Jan 1886
Mind In Nature V1 N12 Feb 1886
Mind In Nature Wrappers (partial)

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