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Periodical: Mind Digest

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Mind Digest.
The Magazine of Self-Discovery
Mind is the Builder. Know with what Spirit you Feed it
1945--1950? Monthly
Paradise, PA. Editor: William G. Faltin .
1/1, April 1945-1950(?). 96 pp., $2.50 a year.

This was a late-blooming journal of New Thought, the occult, self-development, healing, psychic mysteries, and the like. It announced its intentions in its first issue:

"Basically 'Mind Digest' will deal with all phases of life in their relation to mind from the purely mental to the highly spiritual plane.

'Mind Digest' believes that all life is penetrated with the wisdom of God; that God has a real plan for man's existence and development here on earth and that this plan is of the greatest benefit to our own personal welfare and our happiness, provided it is understood correctly and used intelligently. The most important task In life, therefore, is the problem of discovering the plan or the laws of the Great Creator and to live in accordance therewith. An understanding of these laws would bring to us the benefits of cooperation instead of the distress of opposition caused by antagonistic action due to a lack of understanding."

Contributions by or excerpts from Brown Landone, Joseph Sadony, Hereward Carrington, Thomas Sugrue, "Norvell" ("Anthony Norvell, astrologer to the stars"), and other post-war remnants of the psychic world between the wars; perhaps a majority of the articles were reprints from other journals. Extensive book reviews and a book service for the works the publisher carried. Faltin was a would-be inventor (litter receptacle for cars; clip for dashboard; ballpoint pen, etc.). NYPL; INTA.

Issues:Mind Digest V1 N1 Apr 1945

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