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Periodical: Robert Owen's Millennial Gazette

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Robert Owen’s Millennial Gazette.
Explanatory of the Principles and Practices by which, in Peace, with Truth, Honesty, andS Simplicity, the New Existence of Man upon the Earth May be Easily and Speedily Commenced.
Other titles: Millennial Gazette
1856-1858 Monthly (irregular)
London, England. Publisher: E. Wilson. Editor: Robert Owen, editor and publisher.
1/1, March 22, 1856-June 21, 1858. 16 numbers with 2 supplements. 6d. an issue, 36 pp.

This was another attempt by Owen to spread the word of the coming new existence of man upon the earth, an era brought about by man’s innate spiritual nature and the “advanced spirits in the higher spheres of the spirit world [who] are now most actively engaged in preparing men’s minds for this great and all-glorious change, when old things shall pass away and all become new.” Harvard University; University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota; etc.

Issues:Millennial Gazette N1 Mar 22 1856
Millennial Gazette N2 Apr 1 1856
Millennial Gazette N3 May 1 1856
Millennial Gazette N4 May 15 1856
Millennial Gazette N5 Jun 15 1856
Millennial Gazette N6 Jul 1 1856
Millennial Gazette N7 Aug 1 1856
Millennial Gazette N8 Oct 1 1856
Millennial Gazette N9 Oct 15 1856
Millennial Gazette N9 Oct 15 1856 Alternate
Millennial Gazette N10 Jan 1 1857
Millennial Gazette N10 Jan 1 1857 Alternate
Millennial Gazette N11 Aug 1 1857
Millennial Gazette N12 Oct 1 1857
Millennial Gazette N13 Nov 15 1857
Millennial Gazette N14 Feb 10 1858
Millennial Gazette N15 May 1 1858
Millennial Gazette N16 Jun 21 1858

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