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Periodical: Mercury

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Publisht Semi-Monthly as the Official Organ of Metropolitan College, S R I A / A Rosicrucian Messenger of Constructive Philosophy / A Rosicrucian Magazine of Constructive Philosophy / A Journal of Esoterism and the Higher Mercury / America's Oldest Esoteric Magazine.
1916-1933 Semimonthly, then monthly, except July-August, then quarterly
New York, NY. Publisher: Mercury Publishing Company. Editor: G. Winslow Plummer; Henry Van Arsdale Parsell and George Arthur Logan, associate editors.

Corporate author: Societas Rosicruciana in America1/1, January 10, 1916-1933.

This was the organ of the Societas Rosicruciana in America, run by G. Winslow Plummer ("Khei," 1876-1944). The society should not be confused with the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis or the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, or the Societas Rosicruciana in Deutschland. The curious spelling in the subtitle and throughout the journal is an affectation of the movement to rationalize the spelling of English. Originally the journal was little more than a four-sided lodge notice announcing meetings, awards, and the like, but it came increasingly to carry the outlines of Khei's teachings. The journal was eclectic in its early days, featuring short biographies of Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner, et al., and also notices (largely cribbed from S.C. Gould's Notes and Queries and Rosicrucian Brotherhood) of the society's forerunners, such as P.B. Randolph, F.B. Dowd, Edward Homes Brown ("Eulis"), and J.C. Street. As might be expected from that list, the group's practice has a sexual basis. The journal is especially noteworthy because of its many extraordinary colored illustrations. Regular contributions by Plummer and Parsell, and also by Kenneth S.L. Guthrie, and articles by what seem to be members of the society, and advertisements for the society's courses, incense and altar breads, and for "The A to Z Horoscope Delineator," "School of the Chemistry of Life" (Inez Eudora Perry, following George W. Carey), correspondence courses in "Stellar-Numerology" by Artie Mae Blackburn, etc. The companion publication to the journal was Christian Mysticism, which was undated and unnumbered and issued irregularly. H.V.A. Parsell was a joiner and also a very reliable historian of the various orders and groups he joined. As with most organizations of this kind, members were also offered a series of "lessons," printed but not published to the world at large. These constitute a Rosicrucian Series, Occult Science, which had at least 24 issues. NYPL.

Issues:Mercury V1 N7 April 10 1916
Mercury V1 N10 May 10 1916
Mercury V2 N4 Feb 19 1917
Mercury V2 N5 Mar 5 1917
Mercury V2 N13 Sep 10 1917
Mercury V2 N20 Dec 24 1917
Mercury V3 N4 Feb 18 1918
Mercury V3 N5 Mar 18 1918
Mercury V3 N12 Jun 24 1918
Mercury V3 N13-14 Sep 9 1918
Mercury V4 N4 Feb 24 1919
Mercury V4 N6 Mar 24 1919
Mercury V4 N7 Apr 7 1919
Mercury V4 N8 Apr 21 1919
Mercury V4 N9 May 5 1919
Mercury V4 N10 May 19 1919
Mercury V4 N13 Sep 8 1919
Mercury V4 N14 Sep 22 1919
Mercury V4 N17 Nov 10 1919
Mercury V4 N18 Nov 24 1919
Mercury V4 N20 Dec 22 1919
Mercury V5 N1 Jan 5 1920
Mercury V5 N3 Feb 9 1920
Mercury V5 N4 Feb 23 1920
Mercury V5 N5 Mar 8 1920
Mercury V5 N6 Mar 22 1920
Mercury V5 N7 Apr 5 1920
Mercury V5 N8 Apr 19 1920
Mercury V5 N9 May 10 1920
Mercury V5 N10 May 24 1920
Mercury V5 N13 Sep 6 1920
Mercury V5 N14 Sep 20 1920
Mercury V5 N15 Oct 4 1920
Mercury V5 N16 Oct 18 1920
Mercury V5 N19 Dec 6 1920
Mercury V6 N12 Dec 1921
Mercury V7 N1 Jan 1922
Mercury V7 N2 Feb 1922
Mercury V10 N1 Mar 1925
Mercury V14 N2 Jun 1929
Mercury V14 N3 Sep 1929
Mercury V14 N4 Dec 1929
Mercury V15 N1 Marc 1930
Mercury V15 N3 Sep 1930
Mercury V15 N4 Dec 1930

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