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Periodical: Magickal Link

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Magickal Link, The.
Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
1981--2003 Monthly (irregular)
Berkeley, CA.
Editor: The Caliph (Grady Louis McMurtry); various editors.
Corporate author: Thelema Lodge, O.T.O. 1/1, January 1981-2003(?) 6-12 pp., varies.

Approximately 113 issues appeared; issues beginning in 1987 were called "new series" with restarted volume and issue numbering. This was originally produced from typescript and then typeset and printed. This was the organ of McMurtry's Thelema Lodge in Berkeley, the Gnostic Catholic Church, and of the O.T.O. of which he was O.H.O. It was not intended to replace the O.T.O. Newsletter which McMurtry also published. Each issue contained a calendar of "events at the Thelema Lodge" in Emeryville (e.g., "Gnostic Mass and Saturnalia. $1.00 donation Suggested"). He and his (sometime) wife had earlier published in In The Continuum. University of Texas, Austin; LOC; University of London, Warburg; Northwestern University.

Issues:Magickal Link V1 N1 Jan 1981
Magickal Link V1 N2 Feb 1981
Magickal Link V1 N3 Mar 1981
Magickal Link V1 N4 Apr 1981
Magickal Link V1 N5 May 1981
Magickal Link V1 N7 Jul 1981
Magickal Link V1 N8 Aug 1981
Magickal Link V1 N9 Sep 1981
Magickal Link V1 N10 Oct 1981
Magickal Link V1 N11 Dec 1981
Magickal Link V1 N12 Dec 1981
Magickal Link V2 N10 Oct 1982
Magickal Link V2 N11 Nov 1982
Magickal Link V2 N12 Dec 1982
Magickal Link V2 N1 Jan 1982
Magickal Link V2 N2 Feb 1982
Magickal Link V2 N3 Mar 1982
Magickal Link V2 N4 Apr 1982
Magickal Link V2 N5 May 1982
Magickal Link V2 N6 Jun 1982
Magickal Link V2 N7 Jul 1982
Magickal Link V2 N8 Aug 1982
Magickal Link V2 N9 Sep 1982
Magickal Link V3 N1 Jan 1983
Magickal Link V4 N11 Nov 1984

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