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Periodical: Luz [Parana]

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Luz, A.
Orgao do Centro Spirita de Curityba.
Other titles: A Lus
1890--1899? Semimonthly
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.
Language: Portuguese.
Editor: Alfredo Caetano Munhoz and Manuel Cunha.
1/1, January 15, 1890.
8 pp., 5$000 a year.

While hewing to the strict Kardecist line, this journal managed to include lengthy excerpts from Light, discussions of somnambulism and Baron du Potet, occult phenomena, a list of Emil Zola's works, and a long article from Light on "The Tendencies of Modern Spiritualism." It carried the standard discussions of charity, the perispirit, prior existences, and the apparition of phantoms. Noted in exchanges of The Progressive Thinker, January 30, 1894, and of the Banner of Light, September 23, 1899.

Issues:Luz Parana V1 N17 Sep 1 1890
Luz Parana V7 N144 Feb 29 1896
Luz Parana V8 N162 Mar 15 1897
Luz Parana V9 N188 Apr 15 1898
Luz Parana V9 N198 Sep 15 1898
Luz Parana V9 N199 Oct 3 1898

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